Billy Gene Is Marketing Review

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review: Is Billy Gene Marketing Legit?

Welcome to my Billy Gene Is Marketing Review!

Billy Gene has grown a large following on YouTube by putting out lots of content to help people make money online.

His videos are very popular and he has become well known for teaching the ins and outs of sales and marketing. He then funnels the viewers into his high priced courses on getting clicks on social media and turning them into customers.

His methods of teaching are certainly a little different, but are they effective? Can you learn to make money from Billy Gene? Is Billy Gene Marketing legit? Check out my Billy Gene Is Marketing review to find out.

What is Billy Gene is Marketing?

Essentially Billy Gene is Marketing is a salesman who sells you on the idea that he can teach you to sell as well as him. He has they typical ads that you see from people like this. Tells you about how bad he was doing and struggles he was having. Then he found the secret formula to get him out of his parents house to buying Bentleys and running a multimillion dollar business.

This is a somewhat typical story from these salesmen that are selling you a course on how to sell. First they'll relate to you by letting you know that they struggled and didn't just start out with a bunch of money. Because they know that if you've found them online then you're probably in a similar situation and looking for a way to earn money online. Then they'll tell you how simple it was and how they can teach you exactly what they did.

It's very motivating and pulls you in to consume more of his YouTube and social media content. The idea is to make you believe that he really has the simple, straightforward method for you to find the same success as him. Leading you right into paying for one of his many courses.

In addition to the motivational speaking, Billy Gene will give you examples of many sales and marketing skills on his YouTube videos and interviews. He runs his own marketing agency but he also runs Billy Gene is Marketing, which is how he teaches people to become expert marketers and salespeople. His methods can be quite convincing and include some of the following:

  • Personal approach. Billy's videos are often informal and off the cuff. He's good at talking and selling and makes you feel comfortable with the advice he's giving you.
  • Entertainment factor. There's no boring sales pitch here. He's always funny, emotional, and amped up for his videos and really makes you want to watch.
  • Educational. He tries to educate in a lot of his videos. This lets viewers know that he can teach you something and therefor his courses may be worth the money.

What is Billy's Net Worth?

As with most people, net worths listed online are usually just rough estimates. But from what I can find online, it seems that he is worth around $9 million. There's no telling how accurate that is, but I can tell you that Billy sells a lot of high priced courses. He's also had many high profile clients and does well in his marketing business. So all told, he definitely is worth several million dollars and does well for himself.

One small complaint that may be a big one for some people. Billy has been criticized for his use of foul language. He is fun and exciting but he also will use some swear words in his videos. 

If this offends you then Billy is not going to be the guru for you. As soon as you watch any of his videos you'll be overwhelmed with the language. I personally don't care about what words people use but more about how well they know their stuff and can teach it to me. So for me this is a non issue.

Is Billy Gene Marketing Legit?

The biggest question you're looking for this Billy Gene is Marketing review to answer is, is Billy Gene Marketing legit?

While I thing he is legitimately a good salesman and is giving some good advice on YouTube, I believe the main purpose of his courses are to make him a lot of money and not provide a lot of good content. In my research these courses cost thousands of dollars and you usually just get access to some pre-recorded videos to teach you his techniques. And many people have reported problems cancelling the course and have been charged hundreds of dollars after trying to cancel.

If you're looking for a low cost, high value course to make money online, here is my recommendation:

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Billy Gene Is Marketing Review: Complaints

As I said previously, the number one complaint about Billy Gene is Marketing is that the courses lack substance. Basically, he's good at selling his courses and the idea that he can help you get rich like he did, but once you take the plunge and buy the course you will be disappointed.

That's not to say that his courses aren't helpful at all. They are. But for the price he's charging you would expect some amazing over the top quality and amount of content and I'm just not seeing it. You may pick up some skills to earn a little money but honestly you could probably research online and find just as good information for free or for much cheaper.

And there are also numerous complaints on the BBB and other sites that make me question the business practices of Billy Gene. Many people complain that they have trouble cancelling their membership and I can't stand a membership that tries to make you jump through hoops to cancel.

Cancelling things like this should always be as simple as clicking a button on their website. Several people have even said that they were charged hundreds of dollars after trying to cancel. This is a red flag for me.

If you choose to try one of Billy's courses, just make sure you get the cancel policies down and stay on them to make sure they don't give you the run around and try to keep you on the line for another big charge.


Billy has so many courses and is always coming out with new stuff. This makes it not feasible to review every single one here.

And he has courses in several different areas so that he can generate as many course sales as he possibly can. But I've rounded up several of his popular courses to give a little summary of what he covers just to give you an idea of what is offered here and whether any of these courses might be for you.

billy gene is marketing review

Get Billy's 30 Day Plan - $31?, $57?, $97?, $129???

Billy's 30 day plan is where he sends you a five minute video everyday with instructions and a daily task for you to execute. Very basic information here and not worth whatever price you're paying for it.

Which leads to the real problem here. The first time you click to buy this plan the price is $31 and there's one of those fake timers at the top that tells you this price will not last. Of course you should know by now that this is just a sales tactic that people like Billy think is good to use. Put false deadlines and then continually inflate the price.

And if this Billy Gene is Marketing review is trying to answer the question is Billy Gene Marketing legit, then things like this tell me no. Please don't ever buy something because somebody puts a fake timer on the screen and tries to scare you into buying right away. Find a legit course with a legit, permanent, one time price.

Don't go for scammy tactics like this.

Get Billy's Legacy Bundle - Again price unknown.

is billy gene marketing legit

Another product, another fake one hour timer at the bottom of the screen. I've talked about this scam tactic enough though.

But this one has yet another scammy aspect to it. $31 dollars for every course they've ever created. A supposed $20,000 value. Folks if someone offers you $20,000 worth of stuff for $31 you're getting robbed. It just doesn't happen and this is another sales tactic.

Do these tactics work? Yeah, they do. Are you getting anything here? Probably not.

Billy Gene's Gene-ius Ad-vantage - $597

At the time of this writing the website is claiming this course is $1,997 a year, but you can get it for $597 a year. Of course you can. Because this isn't worth $1,997 and it's not even worth $597.

As I've mentioned several times Billy is using classic scam sales tactics and this is yet another. Mark the price way up and then tell people they're getting 70% off. That way it seems like a great deal when really it's not worth anywhere near $597.

In this membership Billy is supposed to help you create profit producing ads every week. He's going to give you some amazing templates to use and give you his marketing team to help you build ads.

Really all he's going to do is a livestream once a week where he talks a lot. He's going to give you some basic ad templates that you could find elsewhere online. And he's going to have people on his marketing team answer a couple of your questions.

$600 for that? I don't think so. As several other complaints have said, the content here is basic and you can find the information other places for free or for a lot cheaper.

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review: Final Thoughts

Final thoughts for my Billy Gene is Marketing review? Is Billy Gene Marketing legit? No, it is not. It's overpriced and overhyped content to make you feel like you're getting something great, but it lacks substance.

Therefore, I do not personally recommend buying anything from Billy Gene. And if you don't want to get scammed in online marketing I recommend two things. One, get products that let you try them for free, no credit card, no cancellation required before you get charged a bunch of money. And two, buy products that are up front about pricing and don't tell you you're getting 70% off or you have less than an hour to buy.

If you want my best choice for making money online, then check out how I earn a living online. It's risk free and you can get tons of feedback from the community before you ever sign up to pay anything.