5 Affiliate Marketing Articles To Make You A Super Affiliate

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Learning to succeed in affiliate marketing can be quite difficult. But if you want to make money online, we’ve found 20 of the best affiliate marketing articles to help you become a super affiliate expert. Study these articles well and you’ll master the craft of online business.

The articles are from various affiliate marketing experts and sources from across the web and are presented in here in no particular order as to which one is best. Each article contains a wealth of knowledge and can help you along the way to becoming an online entrepreneur.

1. Creating Expert Content, Without Being an Expert.

Author: Kyle, Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing community of affiliate marketers helping each other to grow their businesses online. You may have to sign up for a free account for this article but this site is well worth it. In this article Kyle, one of the two owners of Wealthy Affiliate, explains how to become an authoritative writer on any subject even if you may not have previous experience in it.

This will prove to be a useful skill as growing a website will require a lot of writing. Kyle tells you how to use several sources online to conduct research and write a well planned article on any subject.

As an example he uses bead jewelry, a subject he has no prior knowledge of, and finds several topics and expert advisors online to help him learn more than enough to begin writing on the topic.


Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Author: Neil Patel, neilpatel.com

Neil Patel is an expert affiliate marketer who puts out a lot of helpful tips on his website, neilpatel.com, and on his YouTube channel. In this extensive article he goes into great detail about the definition of affiliate marketing and the four parties involved in it. The merchant, the consumer, the network, and of course the affiliate.

The best part is where he explains his process of four steps to becoming an affiliate. For him the process is review products in your niche, collect emails, use joint venture webinars to make sales, and then once you are making money use PPC to scale your business.



Author: Amy Lynn Andrews, amylynnandrews.com

From another great blog by a super affiliate, this is a great guide to learn affiliate marketing from Amy Lynn Andrews. She goes through everything from the pros and cons to how to make money to choosing products and a niche to promote. Here is the table of contents for her guide.

Chapter 1: Affiliate marketing for beginners
Chapter 2: The pros & cons of affiliate marketing
Chapter 3: How do affiliate marketers make money?
Chapter 4: How do you become an affiliate marketer?
Chapter 5: How do you choose affiliate products to promote?
Chapter 6: How do you join affiliate programs?
Chapter 7: Tips for using affiliate links
Chapter 8: Affiliate marketing myths & mistakes
Chapter 9: How to maximize affiliate earnings

Amy has been blogging since 2004 and is an expert in making money online. She offers a newsletter of everything she currently has going on as well as several tutorials on blogging and starting your own blog.



Author: Pat Flynn, smartpassiveincome.com

Pat Flynn is extremely well known in the affiliate marketing world. He was laid off from a lucrative job as an architect and turned to creating websites to help other people. His sites took off and he became an expert affiliate marketer.

This 8 part series article goes through what affiliate marketing is, how to get started, the keys to success, and much more. Pat teaches the very important lesson of putting helping your readers first and success will follow. He even says in the article that every time he put money first he failed.

I’ve found this to be true as well. When you’re only concerned about making money people can see right through you and you won’t. Affiliate marketing should be about helping people first. Find the problems that people are having in your niche and become the go to resource for solving those problems. Money and success will follow.

Pat’s first successful site was simply an architecture related site to help people pass a difficult exam to become an architect. He was just trying to create a helpful resource for people struggling with the exam. But his help was so good that he has since made over $200,000 from that site alone.

5. 21 Real Life Examples Of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites In 2019

Author: Gael Breton, authorityhacker.com

One of the best ways to learn is to find someone else who is doing what you want to do and look to them as an example. There are a lot of bad affiliate sites out there that you definitely don’t want to model yourself after, but this article lists 21 of the best.

The websites listed here have mastered the art of providing value while also offering products from 3rd parties for a commission. These sites are not thin sites with hardly any content that are just trying to push their affiliate links. They are actually industry leaders in some cases that provide authoritative, helpful advice to people with real problems in their niche.

In offering such great advice they are also able to suggest products where appropriate and get their affiliate sales from these suggestions.

Some of the sites listed include Nerdwallet, Dating Advice, This Is Why I’m Broke, and The Points Guy. Check out this article to see all the great examples and see if you can learn anything from them.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

When it comes to making money online affiliate marketing is one of the most popular choices. But although making a website and getting affiliate referrals sounds easy, it actually takes a lot of work to get traffic and convince people to click through and buy a product from your recommendation.

So the question is, is affiliate marketing worth it? And the answer is it depends. It depends on what type of work you like to do and if the tasks involved in creating an affiliate website are interesting or at least doable for you.

Many people hear the stories of folks who make a full-time income from an affiliate site and get excited. They jump in full force to find their niche, buy their hosting, and set up their first website. But then it comes time to do the real work and get some good, quality, targeted traffic to the site.

This is where the first level of quitters will fall off. They wanted something quick and easy. Just put up a site with a few pages of recommendations and watch the commissions come rolling in. But after their site is set up with a basic WordPress theme and a title they find themselves saying what now?

And for the ones that do get past that and start with the next step they find that success doesn’t come as quickly as they thought. Those online success stories made it seem so easy but after months of hard work and seeing very limited results many new affiliate marketers will decide that this affiliate marketing thing must be a scam and they’ll drop out.

They stop building on their website as much and eventually quit completely. Sometimes it may be that these people were doing something wrong or sometimes these people may have stopped just short. We’ve all heard the story of the gold miner who stopped a few feet short of gold right?

It takes time to build a high quality affiliate website with lots of great content that ranks high in Google. For the first several months, maybe even a year, you’ll have to work hard for little result. But once Google starts to recognize and trust your website as a truly helpful resource in your niche you’ll actually start to see results.

The successful affiliate marketers know that when they start a new site they have to put in the work up front and trust the process of building authoritative content to get traffic and eventually commissions. But once you do the benefits of running your own site and working from anywhere in the world will definitely make affiliate marketing worth it.

What Does It Take To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website?

My affiliate marketing training course teaches a simple formula for creating a money making affiliate marketing website.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It

The simple definition of an affiliate marketing website is a site where you put links to products on other websites and if someone clicks your link and buys the product, you get a percent of the sale. Sounds easy right?

But the trick is to get enough traffic that will create enough click throughs to your affiliate offers and lead to enough sales for you to make a good amount of money. There are a few ways to do this.

You can use pay per click (PPC) marketing, which is paying for ads on places like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or others. This can be the easiest and most lucrative way to make money in affiliate marketing. The problem is you have to know how to do it, and if you don’t it can be very expensive.

Most of us don’t have enough money to waste trying to figure out how to master PPC so the next option is social media marketing. If you have a big following on social media, you can recommend products to your followers and get lots of commissions. But again, most of us don’t have huge followings and don’t know how to build one.

So the next way is to use content marketing, which is usually done through blogging. Content marketing means writing lots of helpful, authoritative content on a subject that you are knowledgeable about, or have at least researched, and this content ranks in the Google search results which leads to you getting lots of organic, free traffic.

When you know how to find the keywords that are searched in Google the most and write a quality, targeted article for that keyword, you will rank on the first page when the term is searched and people will find your site. Once there they will see your recommendations and possibly click through and buy, which can lead to lots of affiliate sales and a decent income for you.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

These are the major pros and cons of affiliate marketing:


  • It’s a great way to make passive income. While you’re off working at your full-time job, your affiliate links and blog posts will be working in the background. With the right combination of SEO and engaging, honest writing, you could be looking at a passive income cash cow.
  • Turn your passion into a business. You can literally take something that you are passionate about and explore it in many ways through your blog, solving problems, and recommending solutions for others. Make money while exploring and writing about your passion in life.
  • You don’t need marketing experience. You don’t need any marketing experience to become an affiliate, though a bit of SEO knowledge and writing chops never hurt.
  • You can do it in your free time. With only a bit of time + money investment up front (setting up a website, getting set up with affiliate programs, and creating content with your affiliate links) you can start making money.


  • It’s hard work. If you don’t want to work hard then this is a major con. Getting traffic to your website and getting sales of affiliate products can take a lot of work. You will have to learn to set up a website, write lots of content, and promote on social media. If this is not interesting to you then you may have a hard time in affiliate marketing.
  • You have zero control over the offers, products, or services. You don’t have to mess with products (creating, distributing, selling) but at the same time, you don’t have any control over what you’re promoting, either.
  • It can be competitive. Affiliate marketing is relatively simple, so there will be plenty of other affiliates out there competing for clicks and leads – some of them with years of experience behind them.
  • There are scams. Affiliate marketers need to be wary of scams and fraudulent affiliate programs.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

  • Are you willing to work for it? As if you’re building a real and legitimate BUSINESS? Affiliate marketing isn’t a simple path to easy money. If you actually want to make serious money from affiliate marketing, you have to treat it as a business. You have to learn how to build a website, how to market that site, and have a business plan to follow. You’ll have to devote yourself every day to your goals. If you aren’t willing to put in the effort, you’ll never get the rewards, which often come MONTHS or YEARS after starting. Most small businesses don’t earn a dime for 3 years. Affiliate marketing doesn’t quite take that long, but 1 to 2 years is not a stretch. Are you willing to put in that much time and effort for the rewards at the end?
  • Can you learn about online marketing? Hardly anyone is an online marketing expert. Even those that get a degree in marketing really don’t know what affiliate marketing is, how to grow a blog, a social media following, a YouTube channel, etc. You must learn how to teach yourself many marketing skills independently, and the learning never stops. As soon as you learn one thing, you’ll need to learn another.
  • Do you give up easily? You’ll have to be motivated in order to find true success, and you’ll need the patience of a monk. It’s too common to see affiliate marketers give up within a week or a month because they feel that they’re not getting the results they want. Affiliate marketing is a LONG-TERM strategy. In order to truly succeed, you either need to learn how to grind it out for a while, or you need to learn how to enjoy the process. If you would blog and write for free, you are ironically the most likely person to succeed and make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing does really work – but only if you’re the kind of person willing to make it work for you. Be honest with yourself and you’ll be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you. Your personality has more influence on your success or failure than anything else.

Tips To Help You Make Affiliate Marketing Work For You

As you can see, the answer to the question of “Does affiliate marketing really work?” is twofold – yes, it works, but only for those willing to put forth time, effort, and energy. If you want it to work for you, you’ll have to treat it seriously and like a job instead of some internet get-rich-quick scam.

Let me give you a personal example – When I was first really trying to make money online, I spent every moment I could growing my online business. At the time, I was working very long hours, but that didn’t stop me. If I had to work during my lunch hour, I would do it. If I had to stay up late at night to write an article, I would do it. If I had any downtime at all I was working on growing my online business. It took me 6 months before I earned my first $7 commission and another 6 months before I was earning enough to quit my job, and honestly, I found success much sooner than most people. Even now, most of my sites take about 2 years to earn any real significant income.

There are a few tips worth remembering that can help ensure that affiliate marketing will work for you. Here are some things that could make it easier to reach your goals with it:

  • Set up a strong, easy to navigate website. This will be the hub for your affiliate marketing efforts and should be designed to be professional and informative. The platform found at Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to create a great site you can use.
  • Choose products you are excited about and interested in. This way you stay motivated to talk about them and market them. It’s very tough to sell products and services you don’t really believe in, so find a niche that you have some degree of passion for and only promote products and services you would buy yourself.
  • Seek help when you need it. Another reason I like Wealthy Affiliate is the community they have. Whether you use the community there or find other online forums for community support, I highly recommend having a support network.
  • Don’t give up. The simple fact is that it will take time to reach your goals. If you want to truly succeed at affiliate marketing, you must get BEYOND the point where everyone else gives up. You haven’t really failed until you’ve given up.

Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

The short answer is yes, many people without any prior technical knowledge have started a website on a topic they are interested in and turned it into a profitable site. Sometimes it’s just a few hundred or a few thousand, or some really good marketers make tens of thousands a month.

Whether or not you’ll be able to do it depends mostly on how bad you want to do it and how much you want to do the things required to build a successful site, mainly writing.

If sitting down and regularly writing 1,000 plus words on a topic that you’re interested in is not something you’d like to do then it’s going to be hard to create an affiliate site.

If building a brand and promoting it on social media or researching and solving industry problems to create more content is not something you want to do then affiliate marketing may not be for you.

And as mentioned before, it will take a while before you get traffic and start making money. In the beginning you’ll have to write and write and write and you may be wondering if anybody is even reading it. And if nobody’s even reading it then why am I spending so much time writing? This is the part where you feel like this whole thing’s a waste of time and you want to quit.

But if you enjoy the subect and you work hard to create good content that gets ranked on search and share on social media you can make money. Once your site gains traction and Google starts to trust you as an authority in your niche you will see more and more traffic and engagement and the sales will come.

That’s really all there is to it. Work hard and stick to it. Anybody with an interest can create a site and monetize it. Check out some of these affiliate marketing success stories.

Affiliate Marketing Is Worth It, But How Do I Learn

I spent years trying to figure out affiliate marketing. And if you’re like me and you’ve spent a lot of time researching already as well, you probably know that there are a lot of people out there promising you lots of money with little effort. All you have to do is pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars up front for their training.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

But affiliate marketing is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a real business and it takes a lot of time and effort to build a website to the point of making any money at all. Technically all you need is web hosting and a domain name and you can get started, but really you need to know how to find keywords to write about, how to write your articles, how to set up your website, and many other tricks of the trade.

The best place to get hosting, domains, and step-by-step training is Wealthy Affiliate. When I found WA I was suspicious because of all the previous promises that I had seen from programs promising to teach you how to make money online. But plus number one is you can get into Wealthy Affiliate for free. Not a money back guarantee or a trial that you have to remember to cancel or they’ll charge you. It’s just a free membership.

Sign up without any credit card information, just a name and email, and you are in. You can interact with other members, start the training, and even create a website hosted on their platform for FREE. So I figured I’ll log in and check it out, but I still had my guard up waiting for the big catch where the free training turned out to not really be worth a damn or I had to pay a thousand dollars before I could really get started.

But suprisingly I was actually able to do the whole first module of 10 lessons and create my first site without paying anything. And the training was actually good. They walk you through each step with videos that show you exactly how to get up and running.

I also was able to read blog posts from other members about their business, including some who were already making money after taking the WA training. They have a live training every week and I was able to attend one and it was a really helpful webinar on doing keyword research.

They gave so much great content for free that I was honestly starting to think about upgrading to a premium membership. It was discounted for the first month as well so I decided to go ahead and go premium so I could continue on in the training and keep my website going. It was a monthly plan so if it went downhill from there I could cancel any time and wouldn’t be out much money at all.

From there I didn’t look back. The training is really good and I was making progress so I kept my membership and built a successful affiliate site. If you want to learn affiliate marketing I can honestly say I haven’t found anything better than Wealthy Affiliate. Again, if you don’t believe me, create a free account and check out the blogs of some of the members on the site who have made money after completing the training.

How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

Neil Patel is an expert affiliate marketer who has a lot of helpful information on neilpatel.com. Here is an excerpt from one of his articles explaining the process of getting started with affiliate marketing.

4 steps to becoming an online affiliate marketer

Similarly to becoming a merchant, there are also 4 steps that you can take to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

First, you need to start reviewing products in your niche. That can be done on a YouTube channel, on a blog or even just using live streams on Periscope.

Second, you have to collect emails, so that you can connect with your audience at any time you want and don’t have to hope for them to see your content.

Third, you can use joint venture webinars to make a lot of sales in a short period of time, while simultaneously growing your email list and creating new content.

Finally, once your affiliate marketing business starts making money, you can scale your growth with pay per click advertising.

Step 1: Review products in your niche

It’s easier to get started as an affiliate because you’re skipping the ‘have an idea’ and ‘creating an idea’ parts of becoming a merchant.

You already use and like plenty of products, so all that you have to do get started is to publicly talk about them.

Start by looking at the partners in step 4 for becoming a merchant, because that’s what you’re trying to start in this step.

Any product works.


Take a look at this guy, who reviews Hot Wheels tracks and cars:


Over 300,000 subscribers for Hot Wheels? I’m sure whatever your niche is, it’s less specific.

Continue reading Neil’s article here …

This is a perfect example of what I was talking about with turning a passion into a business. This guy really likes Hot Wheels and knows a lot about them so he started reviewing them. In this case he uses YouTube but as Neil points out you can also use a blog for this.

If you’re interested in using YouTube as well Wealthy Affiliate has a great webinar on this as well.

But to Neil’s point, reviewing products in your niche can be a great way to get traffic to your site. And once they’re there you can recommend your favorite products and collect commissions.

Affiliate Review Sites That Make Money

Just in case you doubted the power of great reviews I’ve found some of the top review sites on the internet that make money with affiliate marketing.

Thankfully there are dozens of examples of sites doing affiliate marketing the right way (and making a LOT of money as a result…as in millions even).

Here I’ll share some of those examples and analyze the reasons why they’re so successful so you can emulate them.

One thing to keep in mind, don’t be intimidated by the scale of some of these sites or their traffic numbers and income. Most of them started out small and grew to where they are now over time.

You start small, with big goals in mind, and grow step by step just like most of the sites on this list did. Very few, if any, sites on this list started out as super-affiliates.

1. This Is Why I’m Broke

Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic – 4.9M

Total Backlinks – 121K

Approx. Monthly Revenue – $70,000

Domain Authority – 57

Facebook Fans – 317K

Twitter Followers – 10.7K

If you’re looking for the most bizarre, unusual, and useless products that nobody should buy, TIWIB is the site for you.

The strangest thing about this site is that it lists products that normal people don’t buy but they still make thousands of dollars in commissions from Amazon.

The reason?

Their witty product descriptions, extremely unique product selection, and an easy to explore design that can suck you in and keep you scrolling down for hours.

Plus, even though people don’t usually buy what they offer they do click on their affiliate links and whenever that happens the affiliate “cookie” is set and they get a commission for anything else purchased after that.

Amazon are masters at making anyone who lands on their site buy stuff even if you didn’t intend to go shopping, so TIWIB capitalises on that.

They have several popular product categories on their site especially Gifts for Men, Gifts for Women and Gifts Under $20. Overall, however, the products they choose to promote are pretty expensive but interesting.

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How Do They Make Money

ThisIsWhyImBroke.com makes all of its money from different affiliate programs and partnerships, Amazon Associates being the biggest contributor.

Dominant Content Type

They don’t publish detailed buyer guides or blog posts, but their short product descriptions are so well written that they capture the readers’ attention and make them take action.

Things They Can Improve

  • Build an email list
  • Start a blog or publish more content to increase their organic search traffic

Lessons You Can Learn

More than 50% of their traffic comes from direct sources which means they have a strong brand and people visit them because they trust their reviews.

That’s the power of branding. It reduces your dependency on outside sources and makes you more independent.

2. NerdWallet

Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic – 11.4M

Total Backlinks – 26.4K

Approx. Monthly Revenue $800K

Domain Authority – 83

Facebook Fans – 108K

Twitter Followers – 53K

NerdWallet started as a simple credit card comparison blog but has now grown into one of the biggest personal finance sites on the web serving over 11 million visitors per month.

It publishes exceptional content, both in terms of its usefulness and user experience, and helps its readers choose the best credit cards, insurance programs and investment opportunities.

But it’s still an affiliate site.

It makes all of its money through partnerships with different financial services companies. Most of its content can be categorized as reviews and comparisons.

How Do They Make Money

  • Affiliate partnerships with different financial services

Dominant Content Type

  • Reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Blog posts on personal finance tips

Most Popular Content

Lessons You Can Learn

NerdWallet didn’t start with a huge investment or a lot of content. It started as a pretty simple comparison site but kept improving with time and evolved into one of the best affiliate sites on the web.

This is exactly what you need to do.

Get into affiliate marketing with a long-term vision. Don’t think of it as a way of making a quick buck.

You can earn millions if you’re willing to invest time and effort in building a high-quality affiliate site.

3. MoneySavingExpert

Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic – 8M

Total Backlinks – 990K

Approx. Monthly Revenue – $1.5M

Domain Authority – 77

Facebook Fans – 82K

Twitter Followers – 262K

I’m including it in this list because its another perfect example of how you can grow a small affiliate site into a major publication.

MSE started as a one-man project by Martin Lewis. He eventually grew it into the biggest personal finance site in the UK and one of the biggest in the world.

It not only publishes reviews, comparisons and general blog articles but also offers a range of free but highly sophisticated finance tools.

As a result, he managed to sell the site for 87m pounds but kept his position as editor-in-chief (leading a team of 80+ journalists) to maintain content standards.

MSE primarily targets people in the UK and has a hugely credible brand image because of its policy of only promoting or reviewing products that are genuinely useful to its audience.

If you look at it today, MSE appears to be an affiliate empire but it’s just another reminder of what you can achieve as an affiliate marketer if you focus on providing value.

How Do They Make Money

  • Affiliate partnerships with financial institutions

Dominant Content Type

  • Product reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Tools

Most Popular Content

Lessons You Can Learn

  • Provide value and the best deal to your visitors first even if it means sacrificing an affiliate commission on the first sale as it will mean they’ll become a loyal fan of your site and come back time and time again.
  • Finding way to incorporate free tools into your website that people will use and find useful that lead to an affiliate sale is a smart move, just like MSE have done with the finance calculators and loan and credit card comparison tools.

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4. Skyscanner

Key Stats

Estimated Monthly – 11M

TrafficTotal Backlinks – 3.87M

Approx. Monthly Revenue – $2M

Domain Authority – 82

Facebook Fans – 86K

Twitter Followers -167K

Skyscanner is another success story for bedroom affiliate marketers.

You can call it the Google of travel deals and flight prices. But it wasn’t always this big.

Founded by 3 university graduates in 2001, Skyscanner was just an affiliate site helping its users find the cheapest flights around the globe.

Their sole focus was to provide value to their users and help them save money.

They kept on doing it for years (making a LOT of money) until they were acquired by Ctrip, the largest travel company in China, for $1.9 Billion.

Most of their traffic comes from Google thanks to their prolific blog content that has dozens of detailed travel guides and tourism focused articles.

Skyscanner makes money through commissions from airlines and hotel partners

But despite such huge success, their core focus hasn’t changed.

How Do They Make Money

  • Commissions from airlines, hotels, and travel partners.

Dominant Content Type

  • Travel guides

Most Popular Content

Lessons You Can Learn

Identify the biggest problem of your audience and then solve it more effectively than any of your competitors. If you do that consistently, the money will follow.

This is exactly what Skyscanner has done so successfully.

They always show the BEST deal to the customer even if Skyscanner has no affiliate deal with the airline or company as this creates trust and makes the customer come back time and time again knowing they’ll always find a good deal.

5. The Wire Cutter

Key Stats

Estimated Monthly Traffic – 4.5M
Total Backlinks – 481K
Approx. Monthly Revenue – $30M

Domain Authority – 75

Facebook Fans – 13.5K

Twitter Followers – 75.2K

The Wire Cutter is a content heavy site that helps consumers find the best products in a variety of categories.

Despite being one of the most popular review sites on the web, The Wire Cutter publishes only a handful of reviews every month.

The reason?

They test every product before reviewing it. Plus, almost every review they publish is a mammoth post of thousands of words.

Take this post as an example

As a result, people trust their reviews and prefer buying through them.

Just look at the level of engagement on their posts

The quality of their reviews and their huge audience ultimately resulted in their acquisition by The New York Times for more than $30M.

How Do They Make Money

  • Commissions from Amazon Associates, Best Buy etc.

Dominant Content Type

  • Product review
  • Comparison posts

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Most Popular Content

Things They Can Improve

  • Should build their email list more aggressively in my opinion

Lessons You Can Learn

The biggest takeaway for me is the amount of work TheWireCutter put into each piece of content they publish. They don’t just copy/paste product reviews to generate search engine traffic.

They spend hours testing every product and write genuinely useful reviews that cover all the pros and cons of the product.

Over the years, this has made them a highly trustworthy source of product reviews with a loyal and dedicated audience.

If you’re planning to start a review site, TheWireCutter is the perfect example to follow.


In conclusion if you think you’ll enjoy writing tons of content and reviewing products in a profitable niche, then affiliate marketing is definitely worth it. With some time and a lot of effort you can create a website that gets tons of targeted traffic and send them through to your affiliate products to buy and you will earn good commissions.

There are many people making a full-time income from affiliate marketing. You just have to look at the details mentioned in this article of what’s involved and decide if this is something you are interested in working at. If you can put in the hard work to build a successful affiliate site then you will love being an affiliate marketer.

Is ClixSense safe? ClixSense Complaints Reviewed

Is Clixsense Safe? Clixsense Complaints

Welcome to my ClixSense review!

ClixSense claims to have multiple earning options for its online community. These include paid online surveys, cash offers, figure eight tasks and more.

But is Clixsense safe to use? And is it a legit company or just another online scam? Let’s find out.

ClixSense Review Summary

Name: ClixSense (Join here)

History: The site started in 2007 as a paid-to-click site. They claim to have awarded over $33 million to its members over the years.

How It Works: It is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where users perform random tasks and are paid for them.

Cost: Free

Summary: ClixSense is a legit site and is safe to use as long as you’re careful about the offers that you sign up for when doing surveys and tasks. Any complaints that they don’t pay or that they use your information in some malicious way are not found to be true. But even though they are legit and you can make money, in my opinion the amount of work required is not worth what they pay.

Rating: 5/10

Recommended: No

How To Earn Money With ClixSense

Is ClixSense Safe?

There are several ways to make money with ClixSense. Here are the top four:

  1. Paid Surveys – You are given the option to take surveys online and at the end get paid a certain amount of money. It’s pretty easy and you can get paid but it’s usually cents for a survey that may take 10 to 20 minutes or more to get through. Also, many times you will get halfway through a survey just to be told that you do not qualify and then you earn nothing.
  2. Cash Offers – This is an offer of a certain amount of cash just to do simple things like try a new product or service, download an app, sugn up for a website, or watch a video. Again, you can get paid for doing what sometimes is a simple task and it’s great. But the downside here is the easy tasks don’t pay a lot, sometimes a $1 or $1.50, and again require you to answer a bunch of questions and submit your email as well as physical address. This leads to tons of spam offers that you don’t want and if you don’t complete it and sign up for all this spam then you don’t receive your measley $1.50.Also a lot of the offers say “Purchase required.” This means that you have to pay for something to get a small payment back. For instance, if you sign up for Hulu, which will cost you about $7 – $10 a month, you’ll get a one time payment of $14 from ClixSense. And if you cancel your Hulu account they tell you that your reward can be taken away.Another one is book a flight from an online travel service. This pays $5.00, but you have to actually book and pay for a flight. I guess this could be good if you’re already going to book a flight or sign up for Hulu but it doesn’t seem like a long-term solution for making money.
  3. Tasks – These are simple tasks that are done through another company called Figure Eight. The tasks are simple enough but they pay pennies. Again, a lot of work to get a few pennies.
  4. Affiliate Marketing – Now obiously affiliate marketing is what this site is all about so I do like this method of earning money online. But the problem for me is the majority of your commissions come from your referrals earning money and I don’t see a lot of people being able to earn a ton of money from this program. But hey if you want to try it here’s my affiliate link for ClixSense.

Is ClixSense Safe

Is ClixSense Safe

So there are legitimate ways to make money from ClixSense but is it safe to use this site?

I think it is definitely safe to use. I found many people who have been using the site to make money for years and have never had a problem with payment or with their information being used in malicious ways.

There are a lot of positive reviews for the site and many say that they do earn money. Some even up to a couple hundred a month! And while there are many negative reviews as well they mostly tend to be about the amount of work required for not a lot of pay.

I didn’t find many people who said that ClixSense was doing anything illegal or immoral.

The one caveat to this though is to be careful of the offers that you sign up for. While ClixSense seems to be legit by themselves, a lot of their offers and surveys do lead to some spammy and questionable sites where they ask you for your email address or physical address and to sign up for products or services.

Make sure you don’t give your information to anybody if you’re not certain who they are and what they are going to be doing with it.

Is ClixSense Worth It

It’s legit. It’s safe. But is it worth it? In my opinion, no. Now as I mentioned above there are several people who have done it for years and feel it’s an easy way to make a couple hundred extra bucks a month.

To me this work is too tedious for the amount of pay they offer. The only program that I truly recommend is the one that taught me to turn my interests into profit growing websites that make money in a more passive way than a site such as ClixSense.

Click here to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and start earning real money.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Want to know how to become an affiliate marketer? Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn extra income in your spare time or even make a full-time living while being able to work from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

The great thing about it is there’s no barrier to entry. There are tons of platforms to help you build a website with no technical knowledge whatsoever.

All you have to do is find a niche that you’re interested in, create your site, and start creating content to drive traffic.

But is it that simple? Well it is but there are also a lot more details that you’ll have to figure out to learn how to become an affiliate marketer.

Find Great Training And Avoid Scams

Searching for affiliate marketing training online will lead you to a lot of different options. A few are good but the industry is also full of scams.

Many people will charge thousands of dollars promising you that you’ll have a website making that will be making thousands in a few months.

And while it is possible, most won’t tell you how much work actually goes into getting a website to rank and get constant traffic from Google.

For me, I tried several training programs until I finally found the number one site for learning affiliate marketing on the internet. They teach you step by step how to get your site up and running and there’s also a community full of people able t help.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Wealthy affiliate allows you to join 100% for free and start their training. And this is not a trial or money back guarantee. You can sign up with no credit card,create your profile, complete the first 10 modules of training for free and stay a free member as long as you’d like.

The following is an overview of those free 10 modules.

Lesson 1. Getting Started

Get introduced to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson. Discover the basics of what the site is and what you will learn. Here is where you get to know the four core steps of becoming an affiliate marketer. Find a niche, build a website, attract visitors, and earn revenue.

You’ll complete your profile and watch a great video walkthrough of the Wealthy Affiliate site. Kyle personally creates and narrates all the training on the site.

After this you’re all set to start creating your business.

Lesson 2. How To Make Money Online

This is where the process of earning online is explained. Again, there is a video that walks you through the basics of what you’ll be doing and how it works.

You’ll also set your money goals, share them with the community, and interact with other new members about the goals they have set for themselves. This is a great chance to talk to other people who are just starting out on this journey like you and get a feel for where everybody else is at.

It’s great to know that you’re not alone while taking this training. There are always other people posting with the same problems that you’re having and it helps to be able to discuss with them.

Lesson 3. Choose A Niche

This is one of the most important steps as this will be what your business is all about. It could either be the easiest or hardest part of the process depending on if you already know what you want to blog about or if you have no idea.

Kyle has another video where he walks through a great process that he uses to find lots of good niches online.

At the end of this lesson you will want to know what your topic is and be ready to start creating lots of content on it.

Lesson 4. Building Your Website

Now it’s time to create your website. WA actually makes it very easy to do and of course there is a great video where you are shown the exact steps to follow.

While creating your website you will also choose a domain name. If you’re not sure about your domain name yet you can create a free subdomain on siterubix.com. But if you know what you want your site to be then you can purchase a domain name right there through Wealthy Affiliate or you can transfer one from another registrar.

Lastly you’ll choose a theme. There are tons of themes to choose from and the site builder system walks you through it and makes it very easy.

Lesson 5. Setting Up Your Website

In this lesson you will go through the initial set up of your website. Your WordPress website admin area is always a click away from the WA menu.

You will want to go in and delete any default pages or posts so that you can get ready to create your own.

You’ll also update and activate the plugins that come pre-installed and are recommended to help your site succeed.

Lesson 6. Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines

All in one SEO is a great plugin that comes with your website. You’ll learn how to set this plugin up so that your posts will be ready to rank in Google as soon as you create them.

Set up your home page title and description and your site will be ready to go.

Lesson 7. Creating the Initial Content

Wealthy Affiliate has a great platform built in called Site Content. This is a tool that will help you create content for your websites faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

It has a grammar and spelling checker, a duplicate content checker, and vocabulary enhancement suggestions. Once your post is done you can publish it straight to your website from Site Content without having to log into your site.

Site Content also keeps track of how much you have written. You can create goals and track your accomplishments for number of posts written and total words written.

In this lesson you will use the Site Content platform to create your About Me page and you’ll use one of the built in templates to create a privacy policy page.

Lesson 8. Creating Custom Menus

Creating the menu structure and organizing your site will be a big step for search engine optimization. Kyle goes over the basics here of setting up the primary menu and linking your about page.

Lesson 9. Understanding Keywords

Keywords are another of the most important factors in your website. A keyword is any word or phrase that people search for in Google.

When you optimize your page to rank in the Google search results for a certain keyword you will get more organic traffic to your site. This process is called search engine optimization or SEO.

There are millions of keywords in every niche. You just have to find the ones that will be easier to rank for and get you the most traffic. The tool that is usually used to do this is called a keyword tool.

There are numerous keyword tools available on the internet and they’re usually pretty expensive. But one more great perk of Wealthy Affiliate is they have their own keyword tool called Jaaxy that you get access to as a member.

Lesson 9 will teach you how to brainstorm keywords and use Jaaxy to find the optimal ones to create content around. This is where you will create you first post of many.

You’ll develop the skill of finding good, high traffic, low competition keywords and making a list of content ideas to fill your site.

Lesson 10. Congratulations

By this time you have a decent start to your revenue generating website. The last lesson will go over what you’ve learned and what you will get if you make the jump to being a premium member.

The Best Way To Become An Affiliate Marketer Is To Learn At Wealthy Affiliate

Simply put, there is no other resource like Wealthy Affiliate for learning how to make money online. The training, tools, and community can cost you as little as $30 a month compared to most courses that cost thousands and don’t provide half the resources of WA.

And the other thing that sets WA apart is you don’t have to take my word for it before you spend your money. You can sign up with just your name and email address and enjoy free membership for as long as you want and see if you think it’s worth it.

Here is the comparison of what you get as a free member.

What Makes Affiliate Marketing Successful? 5 Examples of Successful New Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing Success

To be successful at affiliate marketing you just have to learn the basic, simple process and follow through with consistent hard work.

Anyone at any level of expertise can succeed at making money online and the overall process is not complex.

In fact I’ll show you here examples of several people who went from nothing to making thousands of dollars a month with their own niche websites.

There are four core steps for affiliate marketing:Affiliate Marketing Steps

1. Choose An Interest

If you have an interest that you are passionate and knowledgeable about then you may want to build your business around that. Obviously it will be easier to create content because you already enjoy the topic and presumably know quite a bit about it.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure what your interest is or maybe you’re just not an expert in any certain area, you can find something that you’re interested in learning more about and start with that.

As long as you’re going to be able to research it and create lots of content for your site then you’ll be fine. And your interest, or niche, can be almost anything. There are tons of topics out there that you can create a resource for and earn money from.

Here’s some great training on how to find a niche.

2. Build A Website

Once you know what you’re going to be talking about then you create a website about it. If you’ve never done that and you think it’s going to be difficult, it’s not. A WordPress website can be created in a couple of minutes with a built-in theme and ready to start writing content.

In fact if you know your interest you can create a free website right here and get started on your way to learning affiliate marketing.

Try this training on building your niche website.

3. Attract Visitors

Now that your website is up you have to start getting people to visit and the way you do that is by writing informative and engaging articles about your niche topic.

Find out what people in your niche are interested in or what problems they are having and start writing articles to address these issues.

Google will find your articles and start sending people to your site for the answers.

I’ve found this Diamond Traffic Program to be an excellent way to get visitors to my websites.

4. Earn Revenue

As you build more and more content you will become more of an authority in your niche. You can start reviewing or suggesting products for people to buy.

If you become an affiliate of an online seller such as Amazon and you send people to their site to buy these products then you can earn a commission from that sale.

Here’s a good lesson on how to make money online.

Again, these are the basic steps but they are really the core of what you need to do to be successful online. Of course there is a lot more detail and if you want to read more about this you can check out our article on how to become an affiliate marketer.

But if you think that only a few people are really making money and that a regular person like yourself could never start a website and earn real money from it, here’s a list of people who had little to no experience with building websites and were able to train and learn how to build a website on a topic they were interested in, create great content, and get affiliate sales.

These are people that make anywhere from $1,000 a month to $20,000 or more and in some cases have sold websites for tens of thousands of dollars. And they all started with a free affiliate marketing training course that taught them everything they know.


Simon started affiliate marketing and was able to move from his mom’s house in England to his own place in Thailand. He left his boring job working in a call center and became financially independent due to his online income.

When he started out he wanted to make a full-time income online and he succeeded in doing that a year in. But he also set a crazy goal for himself to make $1,200 in one day. And believe it or not after 5 years of making money online he actually has now had 2 days of over $1,200.

Read about his first online sale here.


Josh from Australia was running his own house painting business and started learning affiliate marketing to try and make more money for himself and his wife and two kids.

He started an Amazon affiliate site and began writing posts 3 to 6 times a week. Week after week his site grew and he started to see more financial results from it. Finally in August of 2016 he was able to quit his job as a painter and devote more time to his family and his online business.

Check out the story of the day Josh quit his job to do affiliate marketing full-time.


Dylan started out learning affiliate marketing after quitting his job. He struggled to make money at first but kept training and kept working on his websites.

Eventually he began making sales on Amazon and was making a good income from his sites. He even had one site sell for $40,000!

Check out the story of that site here.


Eddy learned affiliate marketing in 2008 and left his job in the corporate world once he realized he was making more online. This gave him time to be a stay at home dad and have more time with his family every day.

He’s had several 5 figure months and made over $100K in 2018 working part-time on his blogs.

Check out how he did it here.


Andreas, from Norway, was completely new to affiliate marketing as well when he took his interests in photography, drones, 3d, animation, computer graphics, VR, SEO, affiliate marketing, gadgets, gaming, and more and started making Amazon affiliate websites to make a decent side income.

He made his first 6 sales in his first 50 days of learning about affiliate marketing. HIs sales gradually increased and a year in he was making a couple hundred sales on Amazon.

In April 2017 he made over $17,000 for the month and he continues to have success to this day.

Read the story here about his first $1,000 check from Amazon.

Anybody Can Learn Affiliate Marketing

All these people have one thing in common. They started out not knowing anything about website creation or marketing online. They just took things they were interested in and learned to put that information online to help others with the same interests.

And they all made a lot of money from it. If they can do it then anybody can do it.

Check out our training here to get started today.