Instant Profits Club Review

Instant Profits Club Review: Is it a scam or a legit business opportunity?

Welcome to my Instant Profits Club Review!

In this review, I'll tell you how this new opportunity works and whether you should buy it.

Instant Profits Club Review

Company Name: Instant Profits Club

Cost: Free to start but you will quickly be pushed to upgrade with several upsells from $17 up to $147 each

Rating: 1/5

Recommended?: No

Instant Profits Club

Summary: Instant Profits Club makes lots of promises of automated income and instant commissions. But in my experience this usually indicates a scam. This one is no different. I do not recommend you invest in this opportunity.

What Do I Recommend?
I've found great success in affiliate marketing and I learned everything I know from one affiliate marketing community. And unlike Instant Profits Club, you can try this community completely free without ever giving your credit card info and get started building your own income generating website.

Instant Profits Club Review — How Does It Work?

Instant Profits Club is a freemium model product. This means you'll get free access to start but there are several premium upgrades that you can pay for.

They claim that you can earn money just by giving away free memberships to others and profiting if they decide to purchase one of the five upgrades.

No setup, no work required, they claim it's automated income. Just refer people to the free membership and watch the commissions roll in.

If you think this sounds too good to be true then you're right. If there's anything I've learned from exploring several make money online opportunities it's that promises of easy money are always false.

Personally, I tried several of these type of scams for years before I found a legit training that helped me build my online business

How Do You Make Money With Instant Profits Club?

As I said earlier, just give away free memberships to Instant Profits Club to as many people as you can.

The idea is that of course many people are looking for a way to earn income online. All you have to do is present this to them as the best choice for them.

Supposedly once you send the people to Instant Profits Club they will take it from there and convince them to buy into the upsells and this will give you automated income as they say.

Instant Profits Club Review — Getting Started

The three steps to making money according to the sales page for this product:

Step 1 — Get Your Affiliate Links

This is simple of course. Everyone is approved to be an affiliate for this system. Just ask for your affiliate link and then you're ready for step two.

Step 2 — Start Giving Away Memberships

Just start giving away memberships. This is where you will hit your first roadblock with this system. How do you find enough people to convince to sign up for the free membership in order to make this profitable?

And this is where the upsells come in. You'll find it hard to find enough people to give your affiliate link to. Instant Profit Club will push their upsells for helping boost your traffic or train you on how to get more signups.

Step 3 — Wait For Commissions

This is where you're told that all your free signups will start upgrading their membership and giving you lots of commissions. The problem is that most people will likely see through this scam as you probably have.

They'll look up the reviews to see that it's not worth their money and they won't purchase any upgrades.

Instant Profits Club Review - The Members Area

After signing up you will be on your member dashboard. Here you will be able to find your affiliate link.

There is no real approval process here as everyone is approved and you will receive your link immediately.

In addition you will also find several tools to help you promote Instant Profits Club. Pre-written articles, emails, social media tools, and banners. They give you these tools so they can claim that everything is done for you.

But again, you're not likely to succeed using the same copy and social posts that everyone is getting. They will give you better tools and resources but of course you will have to pay for these.

Is Instant Profits Club Legit?

Instant Profits Club is not a legitimate way to make money online. There is a lot of promise of easy money here but no real substance.

It's basically just a system to lure you in with a free membership and force you to buy their upsells.

In order for a freemium model to actually be legit, the free part should offer something valuable that will show you the paid portion could be worth your money.

With a free membership to Instant Profits Club you will not make any money. You won't be able to get your affiliate link to enough people to make a profit.

Once you realize this they will tempt you with upsells that promise to let you copy their funnel or to instantly boost your traffic.

Don't buy into this system.

Instant Profits Club — What Are the Upsells?

  • Profits Boost - Advanced training and better tools to help users increase their income
  • Leads Converter - this will supposedly help you generate leads and convert these leads into paying members
  • Commission Jack - promises of adding more streams of income and getting high ticket commissions
  • Traffic Accelerator - this upsell promises instant traffic and clicks to your affiliate link
  • Instant Reseller - here they promise to let you "steal" their sales funnel and supposedly make up to $275 per customer

As you can see there are even more promises of instant and easy money here. I wouldn't recommend buying any of these.

Instant Profits Club Review — How Much Does It Cost?

There is a front-end offer for $17 and four upsells.

– Front-End

  • Name: Profits Boost Pro
  • Price: $17
  • Get 100% commissions by becoming a pro member
  • Several videos as well as more marketing resources. Social share images, ad graphics, and pre-made review.

– Leads Converter

  • Name: Lead Converter
  • Price: $27
  • A lead generation system
  • Convert subscribers to members
  • 10 reports are included. You can add your brand to them and use them as a free offer to get leads

– Commission Jack

  • Name: Commission Jack
  • Price: $37

You can get affiliate links for high ticket products and put them inside the members area.

– Traffic Accelerator

  • Traffic Accelerator
  • Price: $47 per month

This upsell supposedly gives you instant traffic.

Again there are more promises of just submitting your affiliate link and getting clicks without doing any work.

– Instant Reseller

  • Instant reseller
  • Price: $147

Upsell lets you sell the software and keep all of the profits

Final Verdict

Instant Profits Club makes too many promises of easy money and automated commissions. But in reality, making money online does not work like this.

Creating an online business requires hard work. There is no such thing as signing up for something and then just instantly receiving money.

I cannot recommend Instant Profits Club for these reasons. This is nothing more than a scam to get people to buy upsells.

The system that I recommend is also a freemium model. But with this free membership you will get access to the best affiliate marketing community on the internet, a free introductory lesson to get you started with affiliate marketing, and free hosting for your first website.

This is simply the best way to learn how to start your online business today.