Is Clickworker Legit?

Is Clickworker Legit?

Clickworker has various types of micro tasks available that you can get paid to complete online. They promise independent work, a flexible schedule, and good pay, but is Clickworker legit or is it a scam? Continue reading my review to find out what I think of this platform and what I recommend for making money online.

Clickworker Review

Company Name: Clickworker

Cost: Join for free

Rating: 2.15/5

Recommended?: No

Is Clickworker Legit?

Summary: Clickworker's model is more complex than most Get Paid To task sites. Their tasks are not as trivial as many other sites you'll see online. But although they have a wider variety of task types that are a little more complex, they still suffer from some of the drawbacks that these types of platforms typically have. The potential income is very small for the amount of work required and it will be hard to make a full-time living off of this site. Also like many task sites they often have issues with no jobs being available and this makes it even more difficult to earn more. If you are looking to earn a few extra dollars then this site could be for you, but overall I do not recommend it.

What Do I Recommend?
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I will say at the start that I this site is not a scam. They do have tasks that you can complete and get paid for. But the real question is can you make enough to even make it worthwhile?

I am going to go over every detail of Clickworker and tell you what you should know about becoming a clickworker. Once you're done reading this you can decide for yourself if Clickworker is a good idea.

About Clickworker and the Type Of Work Available

First of all this is not just a regular survey completion website. They do have surveys but there are other types of tasks as well. There's actually a combination of things that normal survey websites have and other rewards similar to what a site like ClixSense has.

With ClickWorker, users are able to actually sign up as a “Clickworker” where you complete tasks for rewards or you could be a “customer” and order tasks to be completed by other clickworkers. For the purposes of my review I am going to cover the clickworker task completion role to see if you can actually earn money.

So let me explain the ways you can make money on Clickworker. I think by going over each of these I can best give you an idea of what is available and whether or not you will think it's worth trying.

The following video shows how Clickworker works and then I explain the rest of the details in the rest of this review.

1. Earn money completing surveys

As I said before, paid surveys are an option for earning money with Clickworker. If you've tried a survey site before then you know how this type of task works.

Clickworker will provide you with offers to complete surveys and as you finish it you will get paid. Two problems can arise with this option though. One, surveys don't usually pay a lot. And two, sometimes you may not qualify for any surveys.

Be aware, there is a processed in which you are screened to decide whether or not you qualify to take a survey. Sometimes you may answer all of these pre-screen questions just to find out you aren't qualified and you earn nothing.

The reason for the screen is to make sure a certain demographic of people are taking the survey. If you fit their demographic you'll be allowed to continue and earn a reward for completing the survey.

This saves you the time of filling out the entire survey and then finding out you're not qualified, but it still takes time to finish the screening.

When you login to Clickworkers you will see the surveys available on the member's page. Just remember though, surveys are only one type of task listed on the member's area and there will be other types of tasks as well.

Usually sites like these will have a specific section that only has paid surveys but that's not the case with Clickworker. Also, as I mentioned, there are times when there won't be any surveys available, which makes it harder to earn money this way. More on that a little later.

2. Micro Tasks

The main money maker on Clickworker is really the micro tasks.

Clickworker Micro Tasks

Members will see any offers available when they log in and go to their dashboard.

There they will be able to find any offers they can complete to get payment. The image above shows some sample tasks.

If your profile is not completed though, you won't see any tasks available. You will be prompted to do this when you sign up so go ahead and finish the profile so you can get started accepting offers.

After the user profile is completed all tasks available for you will show on the dashboard.

Also, which tasks show up is dependent on what you put in that user profile. The idea is a user who knows more about a certain area should be able to complete tasks from that area specifically.

As the image above shows, each task has the amount that can be made for finishing that task. To me this payment info helps users figure out which tasks are worth their time and prioritize the tasks that should be done first.

Along with the amount it also says when you will receive payment for completing the task.

After clicking start you will be sent to the page with a job order. This page has every requirement that needs to be competed to get the payment that is offered.

Pay close attention to each instruction. Any mistakes could prevent you from finishing the task. As long as you read all the instructions and follow each one you will be fine.

Again the profile will determine the number of micro tasks available to you each day. But I can give you a tip to increase your chances of qualifying for tasks.

There are assessments that you can answer and increase qualifications for jobs.

These assessments can be found on the member's dashboard. It is basically a test that can be taken and gives you more qualifications for jobs.

The assessments are broken into two different types. One is a base assessment and then there are assessments specific to projects.

As then name suggests, base is just checking your qualifications for basic jobs. Project specific are assessments that determine if you qualify for certain special jobs that may not be available yet.

These tests have to be completed for you to be able to access some jobs. There are also some assessments that can be taken repeatedly.

So if you fail you could repeat the test until you are able to pass and qualify for the jobs.

So remember the section labeled "Assessments" on the dashboard and keep checking to see if any are available to take and increase your available tasks.

Clickworker has an abundance of interesting micro tasks that can be completed and they are often different than the ones found on most micro task sites.

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3. Categorization of Products

For this one you will be required to categorize various products using categories or tags.

This appears fairly easy at first but it can become quite difficult in cases where you are not familiar with the terminology related to the particular products. This could cause the task to take more time to complete and also be more difficult for you to do correctly.

Clickworker Categorization

Example of Clickworker Categorization Task

A high degree of accuracy is needed for categorization in order to ensure the correct tags are placed on the correct product.

When a clickworker makes a lot of errors here they could have this type of task taken away from their available tasks.

Again, the pay here is low as each correctly placed tag earns around $0.013.

4. Product Data Digitalization

A task here requires you to extract certain details about the product from sources such as PDF files, Excel documents, catalogs, or illustrations.

Once extracted, you will just copy the data into the customer's shop online.

5. Image and Video Tagging

This is where you add tags to an image with relevant terms. This helps the image or video be found through search easier.

One example could be to search Google Images for Chiaia di Luna, Ponza in Italy. The person who owns the image needs to have a tag "Chiaia di Luna" on it so searchers can easily find it.

Any images or videos without tags will require you to add them. You will be paid a few cents for each one because it is quite simple to do and does not take much time.

6. Writing Jobs

Writing is quite possibly the best paid job Clickworker has. Workers will have to write things such as:

  1. Search Engine Optimized Texts
  2. Glossaries and dictionaries
  3. Descriptions of travel destinations
  4. Translations
  5. Profiles of companies

This is one of the jobs that require an assessment as I talked about earlier in order to prove you're qualified to complete the writing tasks.

A writing job will pay you $3.00 per 250 words. If you're able to write 1,000 words or more in an hour, this may be worthwhile for you.

7. Mobile Crowdsourcing

Mobile crowdsourcing requires you to complete various tasks outdoors on your mobile phone.

Some examples are finding and taking pictures that could possibly be useful on travel or food websites, in online shops, or maybe in the Yellow Pages.

This sounds easy enough as you could do things like take pictures of tourist spots, restaurants, or interesting buildings and get paid for it.

You can also earn by verifying geographical coordinates and addresses.

How Are Clickworkers Paid?

Most importantly you'll want to know about how payment works with Clickworker. All currency on this platform is in Euros. So when you earn money it will always be in Euros, even though you may not reside in a country that uses the Euro. 

Not sure if this is good for you or not, but just something to be aware of.

Also, you will receive payment through PayPal. This is the only method of payment even though they do list MoneyBooker as well, it is usually not available in my experience.

To me, this is a plus. PayPal is a well known, trusted, and convenient option for receiving payments online. It's also the most popular payment platform used online.

There are of course minimums that you will need to reach before you can receive payment. This is €5 for a PayPal transfer, which is not bad compared to some others.

How Much Can You Make With Clickworker?

According to Clickworker, members of their site could make more than $10 per hour. Although they actually admit elsewhere that the average is closer to around $9 per hour.

This may be possible but there are some factors that determine if you can make that much. One is how many tasks and surveys you will be qualified to do. Remember there are some assessments that will open up more  jobs.

Also, how fast you are able to complete each task will make a big difference in how much you can make. Sometimes a lot of jobs will be available and sometimes they may not be. And I found that many of these tasks were a bit tedious and boring to do which slowed my productivity.

There are occasionally easier micro tasks such as referring someone and these could be quick and easy. But more often than not the tasks will require a little more work.

While you may make some extra income you probably won't be able to quit a full-time job and replace it with Clickworker. The reward for many of these tasks are just not much. You may get around the equivalent of $5 for some of them, but many of them pay only cents and you'll have to do a lot of tasks to add up to anything.

Another thing I've heard from other users of this site is that the jobs are often limited by the location in which you live.

But again, if you're looking to earn a little extra spending money doing small tasks whenever you have the time you might be able to earn a small amount here. Overall though I don't think you'll find the hourly rate to be near what they claim.

Does Clickworker Work On Phones?

Clickworker does have an app for iOS and Android phones. So you can check for tasks and complete some tasks on mobile.

Clickworker Mobile

So if you're a person that enjoys doing things like this on a cellphone or other mobile device, you will be glad to know it's possible. And it helps you more efficiently make money on the site when you have the app installed.

You could work on completing jobs whether you're at home or out on the go and have time to use your phone.  Any time you are bored you can log on to Clickworker and do some tasks to add to your total earnings.

And amazingly this app even works when your phone is not online. Some tasks will let you begin work even with no connection to the internet. Then when you do reconnect to the internet you will be able to submit and get paid.

This is a very useful feature sometimes. One example is with a video related task. If you have to upload videos through your cellular plan you could go over your limit quite easily. With this feature you could work offline and upload videos once you're at home or somewhere with a wifi network.

This will prevent you from using too much data or running up a bill. I found this feature fairly useful.

Can You Join ClickWorker?

Another plus is that pretty much anybody is able to join Clickworker for free and start working. As long as you're 18 or older you can register. The site is open to most countries as well so it has a lot of reach worldwide.

You will need to have a PayPal in order to collect your payments. It's free to register, again, in just about every country worldwide.

And it's very easy to register as well. As with any site, you enter your personal profile information and you're off. Once you verify your email you will be able to log in and start.

Just remember, you will need to finish that profile in order to have job opportunities available. And while some sites pay you for finishing the profile, that is not the case with Clickworker.

It's easy though and should only take you a couple of minutes to complete and then you can start working on tasks.

Does Clickworker Have Good Support?

Yes, the support at Clickworker is very responsive. They want to make sure you are able to get setup and have no problems using the site and working on tasks.

If you do have any problems they have a contact form that can be used to connect with them. Here you can ask questions or let them know of technical issues. Also, you can choose to have a copy of your support message sent to yourself as well so that you can keep a record of your communications with them.

There is also a fairly comprehensive FAQ page. And if that's not enough users are also able to go to the forum and check with other users about problems they may be having. This is a good way to interact with other workers too.

In addition to all of that they are quite active on most social media. If all else fails you may try to contact them there.

Overall, the support is pretty good and you can get in contact with someone easily when you need to.

Is Clickworker A Scam?

I would not say that Clickworker is a scam. It is a legit webiste where you can complete tasks and make a little money. That being said, I cannot recommend this as a good option for making money online.

There are three main reasons for this:

  • Lack of available jobs
  • Technical problems
  • Potential for income is low

Lack Of Jobs

This is a problem with most Get Paid To type of sites. They just don't have a consistent amount of jobs for users to stay busy.

Clickworker is no different.

Many jobs are limited based on the user's location and also their assessment qualifications.

When you are not qualified for a job you will not even see it on your dashboard.

Technical Problems

Clickworker has a big problem with technical glitches, many caused when they upgraded some features recently.

Man users have complained that they are kicked out of tasks after working on it for quite a while and then cannot finish it.

Since the payments are often so small, you will want to be able to finish each task that you start. These technical problems can really slow you down and kill your motivation to keep working.

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Potential Income Is Low

Another problem of the Get Paid To sites is they often have a low potential for income, seeing as many of the tasks pay only cents.

As I usually do in my reviews, let me do the math.

For example, if you make around $0.015 for a product or image tagging task, which many tasks on Clickworker do pay this amount.

There will most likely be tons of available tagging jobs, but I wouldn't get too excited.

Suppose you now spend around 2 minutes going through this process. This will allow you to finish about 30 tags per hour.

30 * $0.015 = $.45 an hour. You would need to do 467 of these an hour in order to reach minimum wage in the US.

These are just some average findings that I made from my research on this company.

How Do I Earn A Living Online?

I was able to create a stream of passive income and gain financial independence without any previous experience or special knowledge. 

I worked hard and was able to go from a boring 9 to 5 job to working for myself online in under a year. If you'd like to find out how I did it and how anyone could do the same, click here.