Is Intellishop Legit?

Is Intellishop Legit? – Intellishop Review

Intellishop is a mystery shopping company that will pay you to shop, eat, or bank in return for your feedback about the experience. But is Intellishop legit or a scam?

I've researched everything there is to know about this company in order to provide a thorough review of how they operate and whether they are legitimate. As you'll see in my review, I think Intellishop is legit if you are looking for a good mystery shopping company. But overall, I wouldn't recommend mystery shopping as the best way to make money.

Intellishop Review

Company Name: Intellishop

Cost: Free to join. You must pay for shops up front but will be reimbursed.

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommended?: Yes for mystery shopping, but not my recommended way to earn money.

Is IntelliShop Legit?

Summary: Is Intellishop legit? Yes it is. If you really want to try mystery shopping, Intellishop will work just fine. But just know that payment is low in this industry and overall I don't recommend mystery shopping as a source of income.

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Can You Make Money With Intellishop?

Intellishop has several jobs available in just about every industry you can think of. When you accept a shop, they will give you instructions on what to buy or how much to spend. You will have to spend your own money up front, but they will reimburse you for the amount they tell you in the shop description.

In addition, you will get a fee for providing your feedback on the shopping experience. So in short, yes, you can make money with Intellishop.

The problem is that jobs will often be scarce as there are many other shoppers looking for work on the site. It will be hard to stay consistently busy with just one mystery shopping website.

About Intellishop

Intellishop is in Perrysburg, Ohio and has been around since 1999. They offer on location shops, online shops, as well as phone shops. Users shop for the required items and then answer questions and provide feedback on the experience.

This data is then used by Intellishop to help the company being shopped to improve their customer satisfaction and deliver an overall better shopping experience.

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Signing Up For Intellishop

The first step to becoming a mystery shopper is to apply. The application will ask for a lot of details about you and your interests so that shops can be presented to you that you may be more interested in.

Next is a 5 minute test screening. This is to make sure that you are detail oriented and serious about doing a good job and not just looking for a quick buck. This helps deliver higher quality feedback from the shops.

Once you are accepted you can download their app if you'd like and you will start being considered for shops. If you see a shop you like you can apply for it and hopefully your profile meets the needs that the customer is looking for.

Looking For Shops

Intellishop makes it fairly simple to find a mystery shop. After you log in to the website you will see a job board where you can browse and apply for jobs.

You could also set it up to email you with available shops if you'd like. There is an app available as well so you can find available shops on mobile devices.

When you find a shop you are interested in you must apply and be selected and assigned to the shop. A scheduler from Intellishop will require you to confirm you're accepting the shop within 24 hours or you will lose the shop. If you lose it then it will be cancelled and there could be a citation for that. Also you will have to email with the scheduler if you cannot complete the shop for any reason.

If you are going to complete the shop, it must be done by the due date specified in the description. Once complete, you will have to have a report of your feedback submitted within 12 hours.


Intellishop has several citations that they give to shoppers for various reasons. There are hero citations, flake citations, and cancellation citations.

Hero Citation

A hero citation is issued if you go above and beyond. For example, filling in on a shop last minute or some other amazing action.

Flake Citation

Flake citations are given if a shopper does not complete their shop by the due date.

Cancellation Citation

Cancellation citations are not necessarily given every time you have to cancel. But if you cancel the day before or day of a shop being due then you could get one.

Obviously hero citations will make you look better as a shopper to the schedulers who determine if you are selected for shops. Cancellation and flake citations on the other hand will discourage schedulers from selecting you and could result in less shops being available to you in the future.

Is Intellishop Legit? Watch Out For Related Scams

I found many people who claimed to have been scammed by Intellishop, but on further review were not. The scam is that Intellishop sent them a check, which then bounced and left them out of money.

Turns out this is not Intellishop, but a scammer claiming to be Intellishop. Intellishop has replied to complaints of this scam and advised that their only payment method is PayPal and if anyone sends you a check from Intellishop then it is a scam.

Despite this warning from Intellishop it appears that several people are still falling for the scam.

For example, one individual in particular gave a negative review of Intellishop and said a check in the amount of $1,500 was sent to them from the company. They were then instructed to wire $600 to two separate places and would keep the rest. But of course the $1,500 check bounced and this person was out $1,200. 

Again, Intellishop replied to this review informing this person that they do no send payment via check.

Final Word On Intellishop

I would say that Intellishop is legitimate and would be a fine option for anyone looking to try mystery shopping.

They have several jobs available and they do pay, but the pay is low. They were also recognized as one of the top mystery shopping companies by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

But although the company may not be a scam, I would not recommend them for anyone looking for a way to make some extra money outside of a standard job. In fact I wouldn't recommend mystery shopping at all.

How I Make Full-time Income Online

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