Is Market Force Legit?

Is Market Force Legit? – Market Force Review

Market Force Review

Company Name: Market Force

Cost: Free to join

Rating: 60/100

Recommended?: No

Market Force

Summary: Market Force is legit but their pay is low. There are better ways to make money in your spare time. Mystery

Is Market Force legit? Can you really make money with this company? If you've been looking into mystery shopping you've probably come across Market Force as it is one of the larger shopping companies. But before joining, you want to see if this company is the real deal or just another scam.

First off, I have researched this company well and can tell you that Market Force is definitely legit. They offer mystery shopping opportunities with several different companies and people who have worked for them seem pretty happy. Although there are of course some criticisms and limitations that I will talk about further in this review.

Market Force started back in 1972 so they have been around for quite a while. In addition to mystery shopping they also offer customer surveys, employee surveys, in store audits, predictive analytics, and more. Force this review I'm focusing on they mystery shopping aspect where they pay people to shop, bank, or eat at local businesses in return for feedback on their experience.

Can I Make Money At Market Force?

To answer the question, is Market Force legit, what you really need to know is whether or not you will be able to make money with this company. The short answer is yes. They do pay you to shop and this is not a scam. But how much can you make? Probably not much due to the availability of shops in your area. 

The pay you receive depends on the type of shop you're doing. Usually Market Force will offer reimbursement of a certain amount of the expenses plus an additional amount which will be your payment for completing the task. Once you finish shopping, eating, or banking, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire about your experience. You may also have to upload images of any receipts so that you can get your reimbursement. The questions will usually ask you about the friendliness of the employees or the cleanliness of the establishment, or any other things related to your experience.

The payment you get for these jobs is not going to be amazing. It may provide you with some extra spending money but it's not likely to be a full-time income. Although some mystery shoppers do make quite a lot, it usually requires joining a lot of mystery shopping companies in order to find enough shops to keep you busy.

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Requirements To Join Market Force

You must be 18 or older and have graduated high school to become a shopper at Market Force.  You can be paid through direct deposit or check and it will be once a month for all shops completed that month. But just be careful, you must follow all directions for your shop and completing your feedback or you may not receive payment for the shop.

How much do people usually earn with Marketforce?

As a shopper at Market Force you might make around $50 to $300 per month. This will largely depend on how many shops you are able to take in a month.

This number of jobs is going to depend a lot on where you live and what Market Force clients are near you. If you happen to be close to a lot of clients and their requirements match something you are qualified for, you could get hundreds of dollars per month.

If the area you live in does not have many shops available, this company will not be good for you. In this case you'll struggle to get even $50 in a month.

In addition to being a mystery shopper, Market Force also offers you the chance to apply as a Certified Field Associate. This is still mystery shopping, but it is specifically geared towards movie theaters.

This is pretty much the same as regular mystery shopping. CFAs see movies in local theaters and provide feedback on their experience there. Market Force will pay for your tickets and for some assignments they will also pay for concessions.

Again payment for these tasks will not be much. And again how many assignments you will be able to get will be determined by where you live and the theaters Market Force works with in your area.

Market Force presently operates in the United States, UK, Canada, Spain, and France. Therefore you will only be able to work for this company if you reside in any of these countries.

If you do live in one of the countries listed, and are 18 or older, Market Force will let you apply for a position as a mystery shopper. It's free to apply. The application process just involves giving some of your information and you can begin applying for shops.

Reviews Of Market Force

Almost all of the reviews I have found online for Market Force are positive. But there are a few complaints as well.

For the most part people like the fact that they can shop and be paid for it. It's a fun way to make a little extra money.

But on some social media as well as mystery shopping forums I have found some people complaining that Market Force is quick to find any reason not to pay. For example they may say that the feedback forms were not filled out correctly. But almost always these complaints are rebutted by several people who have had nothing but good experiences with Market Force.

I have worked at Market Force myself and completed several shops. Although I didn't find it worth my time, I never had any trouble receiving payment. Combined with the amount of positive reviews I have found online, I believe there is enough information to determine that Market Force is a legitimate company.

If you'd like to see some reviews and judge yourself, you can. Many personal reviews can be found at the Mystery Shop Forum. And for more of my reviews you can check my Mystery Shopping page.

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