Is Norwex Legitimate?

Is Norwex Legitimate Or A Scam? – Norwex Review 2020

Is Norwex legitimate? Or is it a pyramid scheme?

If you're here looking for information on Norwex, then you must have recently been introduced to this money making opportunity. Maybe you know someone who claims to be  making money with their products. Or maybe you just want to make money online and have found this opportunity online.

It's even possible that you have been to a party with a family member or friend and they were selling Norwex as a good way to make money.

And after hearing their pitch, you're thinking this could be a great thing. Great, healthy products and a possible money making venture you could get into. to earn some extra cash.

I get it. They make it sound like such a great way to make money and be involved with great products. But the fact that you're reading this shows you are smarter than many of the people that get involved with these companies.

Why? Because instead of jumping head over heels into this, you're doing some investigation to find out is this Norwex thing legitimate or is it a scam?

You're too smart to get caught up in an online scam, and instead are looking for the best way to make money online!

And no, I am not yet telling you that Norwex is indeed a scam.

To find that out, I've researched everything there is to know about Norwex. Is Norwex legitimate? Is Norwex a scam?

I'll answer these questions and more in this review.

Check out my review...

Norwex Review

Company Name: Norwex

Cost: $200 to start

Rating: 50/100

Recommended?: No


Is Norwex Legitimate? Norwex is legit, but it is not a company I can recommend if you are looking for a full-time income online. The company is legit, and many people do like the products. But for making money, there are better ways to do it.

Cleaning your house without chemical products is a big business these days. And it could be a good way to make money from your environmental awareness. If you're trying to figure out is Norwex legitimate or not, then maybe you already know about this.

Well I've done all the research and will give you the pros and cons that Norwex associates won't let you know about. If you're thinking about joining Norwex then read this review to find out if it's right for you.

What Is Norwex?

Norwex specifies their mission as "Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes." The company was starte in 1994 and as the name implies, it is based in Norway. In the years since they've grown into other countries such as the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, among others.

What Are Norwex Products?

Norwex has several product lines including chemical free household cleaning products, personal care products, and sustainable goods products. These products are all natural and free of harmful chemicals.​

One of their more popular products is their microfiber cleaning cloths. They claim these contain an anti-bacterial agent that aids in cleaning without chemicals.

In addition to these, Norwex has products such as dishwasher and laundry detergents, bathroom cleaning products, and personal care items such as body wash and shampoo and conditioner.

There are many more products than the few I've mentioned here. If you want to check them out I suggest visiting the Norwex shop page.

How Does Norwex Work?

Norwex's microfiber products contain BacLock®. This is an anti-bacterial agent that inhibits bacterial odor, as well as mold or mildew growth in the product.

These products eliminate bacteria and replace harmful chemical sprays, as well as wasteful paper towels.

You can use them dry to remove dust and debris. You can also wet them to loosen and lift any dirt and grime stuck to the surface. 

What Is A Norwex Party?

One of the main ways Norwex consultants sell their products is by hosting a "product party". These types of parties have been done at these MLMs for years.

Basically you host a party and invite your friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested in Norwex products. You then demonstrate and pitch the effectiveness of the products and attempt to get some orders.

These parties can also be used to recruit new consultants, which is the MLM part of this business. These new recruits would then become part of your downline and you would receive a percentage of their sales.

What Is A Norwex Starter Kit?

According to the Norwex website it is free to join this company. But of course there's a catch.

You can sign up for free and receive a Party Starter Kit that also contains some product samples. You only have to pay $10 for shipping.

But the catch is that they require you to make at least $2,000 in sales within 90 days. If you don't do this you are charged $200 for the starter kit. This will be a difficult mark to hit so early in your career with Norwex.

There are also several upgraded starter kits available. These are the options:

  • Silver Package $150
  • Gold Package $250
  • Platinum Package $400

In addition to more products, these upgraded kits will also give you additional business tools. For example, there are business cards, order forms, and product catalogs to help you sell your products.

Just remember though, you will be required to have a certain amount of sales in order to stay active. Many MLMs use this tactic and if you go inactive you will lose any money you've spent. Norwex requires at least $250 every three months to keep active status.

What Is the Norwex Compensation Plan?

The Norwex Compensation Plan pays 35% commissions at the lowest level, which is Sales Consultant. In addition to this they will receive $300 of product of your choosing for each person you recruit to Norwex. Once you have 3 personal recruits meeting their sales quotas, you will move up to Team Coordinator and receive 3% of your downline's sales as well.

Norwex Compensation Plan

After this is Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, Senior Executive Sales Leader, Vice President Sales Leader, Executive Vice President Sales Leader, and then Senior Vice President Sales Leader.

Under the highest level you will be able to make commissions from your downline up to 5 levels down, in addition to several other bonuses.

How Much Can I Make With Norwex?

As with many things, this depends on how hard you're willing to work at this. And with Norwex that means how many Norwex parties are you willing to host? How many friends and family are you prepared to pitch products to?

In addition to that, how many recruits will you bring into the business? This is usually where most money is made with MLMs, by getting multiple levels of commissions through your downline.

The example Norwex uses for earnings is based on $500 of sales per each hosted party. Their estimated calculation looks like this. Each party would result in about $175 of commissions.

So if you host 4 parties a month you would get $700. Remember, that's assuming you make $500 in sales. So if $175 for a "party" where you pitch cleaning products is worth it, then maybe Norwex is worth it for you.

But if the idea of constantly hosting parties and finding people to invite to them sounds terrible, then you won't make a lot with Norwex. And in that case there are a lot better ways to make money online. I suggest you try out Wealthy Affiliate where you can start a blog about something you're interested in and make money from it.

And if that's not interesting to you, there are other ways to make extra money online. Surveys or mystery shopping could be good for you. There is no selling or recruiting involved with either of these types of sites.

Pros of Norwex

There are definitely some positives about Norwex. Here's some good  parts of this business:

Products Are Environmentally Friendly

Many people are concerned about the environment and this is a big selling point of Norwex products. The products have been proven to be safe and still effective. Once you demonstrate this at one of your parties you should be able to generate some sales.

Free Products As Reward For Recruiting

One of my favorite bonuses is the free product bonus. For each person you recruit to become a consultant, you get $300 worth of Norwex products. This gives you the chance to try out a lot of products that you might not have used before as well.

Simple Compensation Plan

Many MLMs have complex and convoluted compensation plans. This is not the case with Norwex. Their plan is simle and easy to figure out how much you will make per the amount of sales you make.

Norwex Complaints

As always, there are also several complaints with Norwex. Let's take a look at some things that have been reported that you won't hear from Norwex associates.

Similar Products Available in Stores

Chemical free products are popular right now and this is good for anyone selling them. But it also means there will be a lot of competition. And with many of Norwex's products you can find similar type of products in the major retail stores. And often for less money. This turn a lot of people off to the idea of going to parties and buying through an online company that they don't know as well.

Must Be Good at Networking

As I pointed out in the earnings section, you will have to host a lot of parties to make more money. And you will have to do it consistently. This will require you to find people interested in even attending one of these parties. If you don't like networking with other people you will have a hard time doing this.

A better option would be a business where you can use a website to have people find you through Google. This is what my recommended work from home opportunity teaches. And unlike Norwex, it's completely free to start, with no conditions.

BBB Complaints

At the time of writing there are 14 complaints on the BBB site for Norwex. And not long ago this caused their rating to be a C. Fortunately they have resolved several of these complaints and brought their score back to an A.

Expensive Products

The products from Norwex are high priced. Even if you convince someone to buy a product once, it will be hard to get them to continue paying premium prices for these products. Everyone can price shop online and go to their local Walmart or Target and find lower cost alternatives.

Is Norwex Legitimate?

Norwex is a legitimate company. It is not a pyramid scheme even though it does have multiple levels of commissions. They have good products and they focus on the selling of products rather than just recruiting new consultants.

That being said, I would not recommend joining Norwex. With the amount of work required to sell these products it will be hard to earn a good income from this opportunity. The only way to really make a lot will be to get A LOT of recruits and move up to the top levels of the company.

Otherwise, you're likely to earn a little extra spending money at best. Again, if you like networking and you're passionate about these cleaning products, you might do very well. But if you would rather work at home and bring in money in a more passive fashion through your website, you should try my top recommendation. You can sign up for free and start building your online business immediately. 

Well that's it for my Norwex review. Is Norwex legitimate? I think so. But is Norwex worth it? I would say no. In case you would like to check the commonly asked questons I will leave a link to their FAQ. And if you've used or tried selling Norwex, please leave a comment.