Is Toluna Safe? - Toluna Review

Toluna Review: Is It Legit Or Just A Scam?

When I first looked into Toluna, it seemed like it was a really good opportunity to make money at home by completing surveys. But is Toluna safe or a scam to get you to sign up for offers that they profit from?

After trying it out I realized that this platform is not as easy to make money with as they claim. I spent a lot of time just trying to find surveys to complete or games to play and coming away with no points.

Toluna had me really excited in the beginning. They give a 500 point bonus for completing you profile upon signing up, which is nice. And their survey offers seemed to be quite a bit more than most survey websites I've tried. Both in the number of surveys and the payouts.

But after diving in and trying to earn some points I was quickly frustrated by one rejection after another. I spent a good amount of time applying to several surveys only to be told each one was not an option for me and getting zero points.

If you search online for Toluna reviews you'll find a lot of people who are affiliates of the company. They will recommend the site in order to receive their affiliate commissions for referring you.

This may be the reason Toluna has become so popular among micro task sites despite their low pay. For comparison, one of the other more popular sites, Swagbucks, pays a little better but also has better opportunities to earn. The overall potential to earn money with them is quite higher than Toluna.

There are also several Toluna complaints of the difficulty in qualifying for surveys or of the company taking away points from users.

If you are looking to make money online, the easiest way is through affiliate marketing. But if you're set on trying the survey sites, I would try Swagbucks before Toluna. It still doesn't pay great, but for the time it takes to find an finish a survey on Touna you could earn twice as much here.

Toluna Review

Company Name: Toluna Influencers

Cost: Free to join

Rating: 30/100

Recommended?: No

Toluna Review

Is Toluna Safe?
I do not recommend Toluna due to the difficulty and time it takes to find paying tasks. Also when you do complete a task, the pay is very low and not worth the time.

I would say Toluna is safe though as it is free to join. You won't lose anything but a lot of your time spent trying to earn any money with Toluna.

How I Make Money Online: After trying survey and micro task sites like Toluna I was dissatisfied with their earning potential. I was looking for a way to make a living online. The way that I found to do this is by affiliate marketing. 

Check out my top recommendation below to see how I learned to make money with affiliate marketing.

Toluna Review Summary: Is Toluna Safe?

If you only read part of this Toluna review, read this summary section as it lays out the truth about Toluna.

Toluna seems really promising when you first visit the site. They have a good user interface and the surveys offer a lot of reward points.

But upon further investigation you'll realize that their exchange rate for points to dollars is poor. Especially when compared to many of the other survey sites we've looked at, the point to dollar ratio is bad. It will actually take 3,000 points just to get $1. Suddenly the high point totals for surveys doesn't seem so good. I've seen other sites that give $1 for 100 points.

Granted micro task sites always have low rates of pay per hour, often in the area of $1 or $2. But due to this high ratio for redeeming points for cash, the amount you're earning per hour is actually even lower than most survey sites. So they fool you into thinking they're giving more money because there's more points, but really the exchange rate determines how much you're making.

This is honestly one of the worst paying sites for surveys that I've seen online. And that's saying a lot considering I don't recommend doing surveys to begin with because of the low pay.

This is the number one reason that I can't suggest joining Toluna. But there are more pros and cons in the rest of this Toluna review. 

In my opinion you'd be better off trying affiliate marketing if you want to find a way to work from home.

About Toluna

So what is Toluna all about? And what kind of opportunities do they offer for making money?

The original name of the site was just Toluna, but now it's actually changed to Toluna Influencers. This is part of their parent company, the Toluna Group. But many inside and outside of the platform simply refer to it as Toluna still, so that's what I'll refer to it as in my review.

Toluna's About page, promises users that they will be able to voice their opinion and create changes in services and products that they care about by completing surveys for market and brand research. Other than just being able to influence these products, users can also earn rewards for these surveys. I'll talk more about this in the following paragraphs.

How To Earn With Toluna

Obviously the main method of earning is through surveys. There are plenty of surveys available for members to take with Toluna. And if they are able to qualify for a survey and complete it, they will be rewarded with points.

Those points can then be exchanged for money as discussed earlier. The catch is it can be difficult to find a survey that you qualify for. You may waste a lot of time trying and not get any points.

In addition to surveys, members are also able to earn through contests, sweepstakes, games, product testing, or sponsored polls. Most of these offers will reward even less points than surveys though.

I guess if there's any plus for Toluna it's the ease with which you can start your account and begin looking for surveys.

Not only do they make it really simple to sign up, but they also give 500 points for completing your profile after signup. But again, this makes new users feel good but it's actually only about 17 cents.

Once I signed up I immediately started looking for surveys to complete. There are always tons of options for surveys, or at least it seems there is.

You click onto the survey and it tells you  the reward is 2,000 points and it will take 15 minutes to complete. Again, sounds great but actually equals about $.066 for 15 minutes of work. 

And in actuality I spent about 5 minutes answering questions about myself and my TV viewing habits only to be told I was not a match for the survey. I repeated this four or five times and was told the same thing or that the survey was full.

Nearly a half hour into this and I could not get a single point. And even if I finally did get to complete a survey I would have the equivalent of less than a dollar to show for it.

I'm sorry but spending time trying to earn money on this site is just not worth it.

So Is Toluna Safe? Or It A Scam?

In case you can't tell by now, I do not recommend Toluna. Now I would not call it a scam, as they do have surveys and once you look into it you can find out how much they're actually paying.

So it's not as if they're lying about the pay amount. And they're not charging some kind of ridiculous fee just to be a part of the site.

But the fact is they go to great lengths to disguise the fact that you're not earning much per hour. Users who aren't smart enough to work this out on their own may continue trying to make money here and wasting their time.

​Would you be willing to work for less than $2 an hour? If so, go ahead and sign up for Toluna and spend hours trying to find surveys. But in reality you're loooking for a real way to earn money online, either as a side income or a full-time income.

If so, don't work on surveys for hours just to make pennies. Check out my recommended best way to make money online.