OfferNation Review

OfferNation Review: Is OfferNation Legit?

Welcome to my OfferNation review!

OfferNation is a survey/micro task completion website. Users can complete surveys, sign up for offers, work with apps, or other small tasks to earn a small fee.

But is OfferNation legit or is it another make money online scam?

First of all I will tell you that OfferNation is a legitimate website. You can earn money here by completing certain micro tasks online. But you should also know that the payments are small and the income potential is low, as it is with most Get Paid To (GPT) sites.

In my OfferNation review I am going to tell you all of the ways this platform offers you to earn money. I will tell you which ones are good and how much money you can expect to earn. This way you can decide for yourself if you want to join OfferNation or not.

But if you're looking for the best way to make money online, it will not be through survey sites or GPT sites. The payouts are almost always low compared to the amount of time and effort required.

OfferNation operates worldwide and accepts members wherever they are located. But I will warn you that where you live in the world can affect how many surveys or offers you will be able to complete . This could limit your income potential as well.

OfferNation Review

Company Name: OfferNation Review

Cost: Free to join

Rating: 65/100

Recommended?: Good for a micro task site, but not the best way to make money online

OfferNation Review

Summary: OfferNation is another Get Paid To program (or GPT) that promises that it's easy to make money online. While you can make some money with this program, the overall income potential is quite low.

But overall, reviews of this site are good and people do tend to be making some money with them. They also have a low threshold for payouts compared to other GPT sites.

OfferNation Review: How To Make Money

OfferNation is owned by a company called 99 Ventures, located in the UK. You might be familiar with this name if you have read some of my other GPT site reviews.

99 Ventures also owns and operates two other GPT sites. These are and RewardingWays, which are similar type of survey and micro tasking sites.

Each one of their sites is legit and have many good reviews online from users. That said, I would not suggest joining all of these sites.

I don't have a problem with a company running multiple sites in general. But I'm not sure the point of having these three sites that offer pretty much the same thing.

Although there may be some small differences between the three, they are mostly the same. But this is an OfferNation review only so I will only be going over this particular site.

Below is a video walkthrough of the site that shows a little bit about how OfferNation works. But if you'd prefer to read then continue reading after the video.

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1. Paid surveys:

OfferNation is first and foremost a paid survey site. These surveys will be your top method of making money on this site. There are many surveys available on the platform depending on your demographic.

There is a link in the menu that says make money. When clicking on this link you will see a list of all of the places where you can complete surveys.

But I will tell you one of the drawbacks of these surveys is that they are from third party survey providers. So when you click to take the survey you will be taken to another site.

This site will probably ask you to answer several questions about yourself that you have already filled out many times. This can be annoying and takes more time to finish these surveys.

Although you can join OfferNation from anywhere in the world, there are restrictions. Some surveys will not be available for some locations. This also could limit your earning potential.

But for the most part you should have several options available to start with. Usually you will be able to find something to get started on.

But yet another problem I have found is that often you will not be qualified to take surveys. You may not find out you're not qualified until you answer a long list of personal questions.

 This takes time and you get no payment  until you find one that you qualify for and complete it. The time taken to find and complete a qualified survey is often not worth the small payment you will get.

Again, this is typical with survey sites and is another reason this is not my recommended way to earn online.

2. Offer wall:

Another way to earn with OfferNation is by sign up for both free and paid offers. This is also typical of GPT sites.

There are requirements with each offer, whether it be signing up, subscribing to a monthly plan, etc. As you complete these requirements you will receive points which will convert to earnings.

And you will not be able to just sign up and then cancel. Often these offers will require you to keep you subscription active for a certain time in order to receive your earnings.

And another caution, many times an offer will ask you to provide more personal information. Be careful not to provide too much and avoid these types of offers.

3. Download and install apps:

Another option found on the offer wall will be apps that you can install on your phone and get paid for using it. 

These apps are definitely an easy way to earn money in OfferNation. Just be careful and read the full instructions and requirements that you must fulfill in order to get paid.

Some app offers will want you to do certain things like get through a certain level of a game. Others will only ask you to install and go to the app to get your payment.

Just be sure you know exactly what is expected of you before you begin working on one of these offers.

4. Refer new members:

OfferNation has a referral program where you can earn as well. If you invite someone to join OfferNation and they accept, they are your referral.

As the person who referred them you will earn 25% of anything they earn while on the platform.

This is a great way to make some money, but it will be difficult. You will have to find several people that are willing to not only join, but also to use the platform and make money.

So if you think you know tons of people who will be interested in doing the tasks I describe here and you're fine with pitching OfferNation to all your friends, this could be a good income for you.

5. Click on ads:

This is another easy way to get points quickly on OfferNation. And all you have to do is click on some ads. No downloading or registering for anything.

Just click on the ad, make sure it loads, and you receive credit for the ad. Just make sure the ad loads all the way or you will not get credit.

6. Promo codes:

Occasionally OfferNation puts promo codes on its social media pages. They do not do this frequently though, so again, don't plan on making a ton of money off of this.

And for me personally, I have had problems accessing the codes on their Facebook page. I would suggest checking Twitter for these codes.

Aside from the promo codes the rest of their social media is just generic information about the site. So other than checking for the codes I wouldn't follow them..

But to find a promo code you will need to check frequently and sift through all the useless posts. This also makes this method of earning slow and not worth the effort you would have to put in.

If you do find one, it normally only pays around $0.25. It's little money but it takes no work once you are able to get one.

7. Contest:

There is a contest every quarter where all members compete to earn a total of $1,000 in prizes.

The member who earns the most for the quarter will receive $350. The other top 19 on the earnings list will share the rest.

So if you are able to make good money on this site, this contest could be an added bonus.

8. Member chat area:

After logging in to the platform there will be a chat window to the right of the page.

This chat is good for any questions you may have for your fellow members or even for site moderators.

This feature does get bogged down by constant auto messages about members earning something for completing a task. The actual chat is often hard to read due to these messages.

This sums up the many various ways that OfferNation gives you to earn money.

It will take time and dedication to build a good amount of money, but there is a possibility if you find you have patience to complete these tasks. Allow me to explain further now about how you will be paid any money that you may earn on the site.

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Payment On OfferNation

As you complete tasks, surveys, ad clicks, app downloads, or any other way you can get paid, you will receive your reward in the form of either points or cash. There are several ways to get your payout.

For cash payments you can use PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, or Payza. OfferNation has among the lowest payment thresholds of any GPT sites. This is a huge plus for this platform.

In order to receive payment with Skrill or PayPal, all you need is $1. Payza only requires you to make $10. Bitcoin has the highest threshold at $40.

If you earn points you will be able to trade these for gift cards to Amazon. The threshold here is $5, which equals about 500 points. You will have to receive a cash payout one time before you can get the point option.

Also if you go to the withdraw section you will see an option of converting points to cash if you don't want to receive the gift cards.

There is a button to click for converting and one point is equal to once cent.

These payment methods are very good compared to some of the other micro task sites that I have reviewed.

How much money can I make on OfferNation?

The answer to the how much money can I make question is always difficult and always depends on the person. For any micro task site it will depend much on your location.

But mostly it depends on how hard you are willing to work and how much effort you can put into this.

The site has a wall which will show you the proof of some of the recent payments made. For certain countries there is a potential to earn good money here.

The proof shows that several members per day are getting payments. And there is a scoreboard that shows a few people who seem to be doing quite well.

But overall I would say these people are rare. For most it will be quite difficult to make the top 20 list. And as with most micro task sites, I do not recommend doing this to try to make a full-time income. They are only good for a little extra money at best.

Is OfferNation on mobile?

While there is not a separate app, the OfferNation website can be accessed via the browser on your mobile phone.

But this site is not built well to be used on mobile browsers. It is quite difficult to complete anything on this site with mobile.

I suggest only using OfferNation on a desktop or laptop computer. You can check out some other micro task sites to find one with an app that is suited more for mobile use.

Requirements to join OfferNation?

You are required to be 18 or older. Also, you must be physically located in the country which you have registered with.

If you are not, the site will be able to detect it and you could be blocked from the site permanently. So be careful if you travel outside your home country, not to use the site.

Can you get support?

OfferNation has okay support, but not the best it seems. They do have a system to enter a ticket, as well as the chat window for more broad questions that perhaps another member could answer.

In addition, you can go to the Facebook page and contact them there. But again, only generic questions here. Any specific problems with your account will require a ticket to be submitted.

Is OfferNation Legit?

OfferNation  Review

Short answer, yes OfferNation is legitimate. They have several opportunities for users to earn money and they do payout when you earn.

That being said, there are some downsides to this platform. Allow me to summarize some of the pros and the cons of working with OfferNation.


  • One of the lowest pay thresholds of any GPT site
  • Several payment options including PayPal
  • Accepts members from all over the world


  • Tasks don't pay very much and can take time and patience to complete
  • Could waste time applying for several surveys before finding one you are qualified for
  • Not much potential for a full-time income

Although it is legit, I do not recommend joining this site to earn money. The time and effort required will not equal the pay received.

There are good opportunities for easy money but they are few and far between. Mostly you'll be looking for small tasks that offer pennies to complete. Also this site is pretty much the same as their two other sites.

How I Was Able To Make Money Instead

I tried GPT sites like OfferNation over and over again. But I could never earn enough to make it worthwhile for me.

But I was determined to find a way to make money from home online. Another option I continually found was affiliate marketing, but the problem there was I didn't know how to do it and most courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Then I found a free affiliate marketing course to get me started. They provided hosting, training, and support before ever asking me to pay a dime. And after about six months with this training I was earning real money from my website.

If you've ever considered affiliate marketing yourself, I suggest giving it a try.