Reviews Reviews Top 10: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my list of Top 10 reviews! is a platform where you can join and get paid to do surveys, sign up for paid offers, watch videos, or paid trials. They claim to help you make money online quickly and easily.

One of the first things I noticed about this site is their low payout threshold of $1. This is great, as many sites require you to earn much more before getting paid. They also have many options to receive payment such as Paypal, Skrill or Bitcoin. is considered a Get Paid To (GPT) or micro task site. It is similar to other micro task sites that I have reviewed like SwagbucksToluna, and OfferNation.  If you've ever used any survey site, GPT site, or micro task site, is probably pretty similar.

In fact is actually part of the same company as OfferNation and Rewarding Ways. At the time of this review, their website claims to have paid almost $3 million to its members since it started in 2012.

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Is Legit is definitely legit. This company offers several opportunities to earn money completing micro tasks. They have a low payment threshold and many people report receiving payment from them. Although there are a few complaints, most users say that they are able to receive payments when requested.

Top 10 Reviews

I've researched the 10 most informative reviews online and brought you the findings here. Find out if is legit, and if it's worth it for people trying to make money online.


This review finds that is a legit site, but does not recommend them. Their overall rating for the site is 5 out of 10.

Here are the pros and cons as listed in their review:

The Pros

  • Super fast payment (less than 24 hours)
  • Instant PayPal available
  • Low minimum balance requirement at $1
  • Payza and Skrill cashout options
  • Good referral program
  • Shoutbox chat room to chat in real time with other members

The Cons

  • Not many unique offers to complete
  • Reports of locked accounts, even after verification
  • Public support responses on third-party websites are very condescending
  • Ask for a drivers license to authorize account
  • Some are asked for a utility bill for confirmation (a little ridiculous if you ask me)
  • Even if verified, they can hold your payment up to 60 days

And another criticism is that the site isn't unique among GPT sites:

But, other than this, there’s not much going for them as I can find many of these third-party companies they work with on other websites I play around on such as PrizeRebel and instaGC.  I didn’t find much that really makes them stand out above the rest.  I really do think you need to stick to one company that offers these third-party offerwalls/surveys and stick to them.

And in their final assessment they determine that there are better survey/micro task sites online:

In the end, there are much better companies out there, so I personally wouldn’t spend my time here.  While you can probably make a few dollars and it’s not a scam, you’re much better making a few bucks on some of my favorites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

‘These companies offer unique opportunities with much better payouts.  Yes, they have higher minimums, but with their market share, it’s not too hard to reach this threshold, trust me.

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2. Trustpilot

Trustpilot has 973 reviews at the time of this writing. The overall score is 4 out of 5 stars.

74% of the reviews were 5/5 and 10% were 1/5. Here is a breakdown of the scores: Reviews

Positive Reviews

Here's a sample of the positive reviews:

"Been using this site for about 18 months. It was a little tricky at first navigating so many options. But now I'm a bit more experienced I have earnt some nice change. Definitely the fastest paying out of all the survey sites.

My last payment was about 3 minutes from request to my PayPal"

"I just started using SuperPay.Me. The surveys pay pretty decent, I can't get anything from the offer wall to work but the $1 minimum for payout sold me on it. I cashed out this morning and got the ol wait 2 - 8 could be 24 hours Bullsh*t. Here we go, next I'll get an email saying my clicks n referrals are fake with a big ol "Non Payment", grrr. But, I jumped the gun. They deposited the money into my account in under thirty minutes. My bad, thank you SuperPay.Me for being so prompt, stay legit. I gotta go spend this jingle!!"

"It's legit and it upsets me when anyone says otherwise.

This site really works. Surveys are not always quick money or even fair but that's not Superpay's fault. They just route to surveys. If it wasn't for this site I would have missed bills. It's great and it makes me really upset when people don't understand how good it is. Everyone wants a free meal. But there's no such thing."

Negative Reviews

Here is a sample of some of the negative reviews for

"Scam site

My account got deactivated due to “an unusually high amount of disqualifications” when I tried to cash out my rewards.

It’s not in our control whether we qualify for a survey, kind of ridiculous for it to be a reason to disqualify users. I had to go through so many rounds of qualification questions just to get credits and in the end got absolutely nothing.

Edit: Obviously I am not interested in continuing on the site, I want to cash out what I had already spent time to earn

If it was stated up front that users will not be able to cash out points if most of it is from disqualification, I wouldn’t have bothered to try surveys and watched ads on your site just to try to get enough for cashing out"

"thier data is not accurate

thier data is not accurate. i recently got banned because i i gave them honest feedback about their survey partners and they completely wasted my time bickering about it in emails. far too many surveys that you dont get credit for or let you know you dont qualify well after you spent time on it. i got banned because i tried to give them this feebback so changes could be made

again you want to not take responsibilty for the actions of your survey partners which you claim to screen. if you screen them like you claim then you must take some responsibility for how they conduct business, like not paying for completed surveys or error messages at the end of a survey if you really wanted honest feed back you wouldnt ban someone for just that
so its ok with you that your partners dont pay out on completed surveys or wait till a survey is nearly completed before disqualifying someone rather than at the beginning? if you actually screen them then you must take some responsibility. if this only happened occasionally there wouldnt be a complain but it happens far too offetrn which is the reason for my feed back but you chose to ban an account rather than take that feed and look into it"

"They will block your account and claim that it's random. The customer service is rude. All three sites (offernation, superpayme, and rewardingways) are ran by the same company.

So you'll get the same automated response about how fast they cash their members out and how much money they've paid over the years. They'll call you a liar and say that you're not stating facts. They will claim that their security checks are the best in the world. They'll claim that you have been randomly flagged. What's the chances of me being randomly flagged by all 3 sites when they thousands of members. Stay away from this site and others like it."

Pros and Cons

Overall there are a lot more positive reviews than negative. There are many people who say that they were able to get on the site and earn some money through surveys.

The biggest negatives that I see are a lot of people claiming that their account was locked before they could withdraw their earnings. Also a lot of documentation is sometimes required before they will payout.


The owner of this site claims to have been a member of for a while. His review goes into detail about the types of offers available and how you will get paid.

Here is the video review from this site:

And here are the pros and cons listed in the review:


  • It has many daily opportunities to earn
  • You can get paid very fast through PayPal, Skrill, etc.
  • It has a free cash contest with big prizes
  • Sometimes offers promo codes that give you free cash on your account
  • It has a very responsive support


  • Can be confusing to use in the beginning
  • Quite often you do not qualify for the surveys you are trying to take

Overall this review concludes that it is a legit site and does recommend it. Their overall rating is 3.8 out of 5.


This is another aggregate review site and it has 748 reviews at the time of writing.

And the score here is quite good. It scores a 4.79 out of 5. That's 97% of reviewers recommending!

Positive Reviews

This site is UK based so most of these reviews are from the UK. Here is a sample of some of the positive reviews:

“I have been a member for a few months and have made a nice lump of cash. By far the best survey site. Many payment options. Instant payments. Unlike many other survey sites superpay has surveys Every day. I would say try it out. Btw PayPal converts the us dollars to UK pounds at zero cost for all the UK users as I'm in the UK myself.” - Davidgough1991

“I love Fast payouts, low minimum cash out, what more could you ask for? The support staff is very helpful, as I was able to get my account verified the very same day I sent my support ticket in, allowing me to cash out sooner. If other sites had customer service as attentive to their users, they still would not be able to compare to as what other sites have all of the survey routers on the same site? I havnt came across any. Thank you 🙂 you’re appreciated.” - Darthxxhebrew

“I have a lot of different survey sights that I use frequently to make a few extra dollars. I must honestly say, is one of the easiest to find surveys any time day or night and the pay out is instantly with no minimum. I would rate among the top 3 of at least 50.” - KelliElla

Negative Reviews

“I'm eating very poor because my account has been locked for 45 days now for "verification for offers" I think its just yalls way of not wanting to pay me and I will be telling everyone I know about how yall have handled blowing me off by telling me to just wait 30 more days while I have money sitting in my account that I rightfully earned!” - Ambernmeadows

“ decided to lock my account for earning normally and working hard doing lots of surveys, now the admins refuse to give me my money. You guys should be ashamed and have a sorry security system.” - Anonymous


There are surprisingly few bad reviews on here. And considering there are always a few people who try to cheat and get caught who will the leave bad reviews, I would say it's pretty amazing there are not more.

It seems most of the 748 users on this site seem to be pretty happy with the site.

5. Top Reviews Site

As with many of the reviews so far, this review determines that the site is legit but will not necessarily make you a lot of money.

Here is their final conclusion from their review:

"Conclusively, (like every reward site) will not make you rich; but there’s no doubt that it is a legit GPT site where you can earn some extra money online, and super-fast payment is guaranteed. Just don’t cry about it if your account is locked for up to 60 days for verification."

And here is their list of pros and cons:


  • It is free to join
  • Offers a welcome bonus of $0.20, which goes straight into your account
  • Offers a number of ways for earning include paid surveys, paid offers and trials, promo codes, etc
  • Offers lots of surveys from a lot of different sources
  • Offers a referral program that helps you build a passive income by allowing you to earn 25% of what your referrals earn
  • Offers a lot of options for getting paid (PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Tango Cards, and direct bank transfer)
  • Has a low minimum cashout amount of $1.00
  • Offers fast payments
  • Has a super-fast response time to support tickets (mostly within 8 hours, and never beyond 24 hours)


  • The website is identical to its sister sites ( and
  • The website is not mobile optimized; and there are no mobile apps
  • No compensation for your time when you get disqualified from surveys
  • There are payment processing fees when withdrawing using PayPal (2%), Skrill (2%), Payza (3%), and Bitcoin (10%)
  • Accounts can be flagged for verification which usually takes 30 – 60 days
  • Telephone service is not supported
  • Customer Support do not like negative reviews and can easily come out as rude to persons leaving such reviews

Again, overall a good site with lots of various ways to make money, but low payout and a lot of time spent trying to qualify for surveys makes it hard to earn a lot.

6. Facebook

The Facebook page for lists 43 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 out of 5.

Positive Reviews

Here are a few of the positive reviews:

"I recommend this survey site its a fun easy way to make money, and this site seems like pays higher on surveys on thers, but only thing I do not recommend is getting referrals. When you have a referral they will accuse you of having multiple accounts happend to me not long ago" - Daniel Curtis

"Best survey site. They pay extremely fast." - Riya Rishab

"a great way to make supportive income" - Oki Mapharing

Negative Reviews

"Folks do not Join Superpayme or their other 2 sites they will place your account on hold whenever they feel it like and ban you like they did mine. They need to be reported to Paypal for their business practices to shut down that payment processor for withholding earnings. I plan to make a youtube video later to expose this company as I recorded my conversation with the Admin with a screenshot.

There are plenty of good sites out there that do not act in this way so do not even waste your time with them and be sure to get the word out thanks


"I want everyone to know. Registered on I earned $ 5 in polls, ordered paypal payment. The next day I tried to log into the account, but it turned out there was no such user. From this follows the conclusion of the site SuperPay scam" - Andrey Fox

"I love that they pay you fast, but you get cheated with your-surveys a lot! Did a 2-hour survey, did everything they wanted and didn't get a dime! I think that people need a way to find out they were not paid, especially for really long surveys. as it is, you just feel angry and cheated with no answers." - Jane Smith

7. Full Time Job From Home

This site does not recommend  and reviews it at a 2 out of 5.

They do find it to be a legitimate site, but don't recommend it due to the low income potential.

Here is their view on the rewards:

"My favorite thing about SuperPay.Me is the payment system. You can cash out via PayPal, Payza, or Skrill.

Each payment type has a minimum cash out amount of $1. Once you earn $1 you can cash out at any time.

All payments are reviewed and made within 24 hours. They do say that most happen within 2-8 hours though."

And here is their comments on complaints:

"It’s a pretty common misconception that all online opportunities are going to make you rich. SuperPay.Me will not make you rich; it’s one of those extra income sites that can help supplement your income.

I wouldn’t expect to make more than $50 a month, and most members will make less than that.

As long as you know ahead of time, you should be pretty happy making an extra income at SuperPay.Me."

And here is their final verdict:

"SuperPay.Me is not a scam; it’s a legitimate rewards site that offers a few different ways to earn and does pay its members.

If you’re interested in joining, you can learn more or join at SuperPay.Me.

I honestly don’t use this site and recommend some other reward sites over SuperPayMe."

8. sitejabber

Yet another review site, this one has a low overall score of 2 out of 5. But that is with only 8 reviews at the time of this article.

Remember the other review sites had hundreds of reviews and much better ratings.

There is only one 5 star, one 4 star, one 2 star, and five 1 star reviews on this site.

Again, most of the complaints are about support, waiting up to 60 days to get verified for payment, and not getting credit for surveys.

Here is a positive review:

“Nine months of a superb survey experience!!”

"After suffering through yet another payment fail by Mintvine/Branded Surveys (of which MANY users are also suffering right now) I wanted to comment on the great experience I've had with these last 9 months. Sure, they are extremely strict with their application standards. I'm glad they are."

And here is a negative review:

“Terrible super pay me”

"I have been with them for over 2 years dont lots of surveys but when offers dont get credited they pass the buck to the advertisers and they do nothing then they dont do anything else except threten to close your account now they have with me and on top of it saying I provided false imformation"

9. 9 to 5 Work Online

This review also does not recommend joining 

They cite problems with account verification and the company asking for extensive personal documentation. Also they have found reports of people having their account locked before withdrawing their funds.

This is also a complaint we've seen throughout these reviews.

The overall feeling is that you cannot earn very much and if you do make a little your account will be locked.

Here are the concerns listed in this review:

Some Concerns About the Site:

  1. There are many complaints that the site won’t pay a person unless they send in a copy of their driver’s license to verify they are this person.
  2. Some people’s payment request is locked. When they contact the company they are asked to send in a copy of their electric bill. Once they have done this the account is unlocked. However, they still can’t cash out on the site because now they are requiring the person to send in a copy of their driver’s license.
  3. Many people find it strange that the company requests a photocopy of the front and back of their driver’s license and they don’t want to send this to the company in order to be paid.
  4. Even if you verify your identity with the site they still won’t release your payment. They claim they need 30 to 60 days to verify the work you’ve done on the site before they can pay you.
  5. People have stopped working on this site and have never been paid because of the verification process and the company refusing to release their funds after they’ve verified their identity.

10. Work With Joshua

This site, again, does not recommend

He says in his review that you will spend way too much time answering survey questions and for not a lot of money.

This is the main problem that he points out, the low overall earning potential. And I'd have to say I agree with him.

The amount of money you will earn through this site just is not worth the effort required.

A Better Opportunity For Making Money Online

I've created an online business with several income streams. And don't get me wrong, this too will require lots of work. But the potential income once you get going will be far more worthwhile than doing surveys.

Many people even make full-time income. At the very least you could get several hundred or a few thousand per month to supplement your full-time job.

If you want to check it out, it's available for free right now.