What Is The Best Mystery Shopping Company?

What Is The Best Mystery Shopper Company? – Here Are The Top 5 For 2020

Mystery shopping sounds like a dream job for many people. Going to restaurants or stores and buying free food or items and then getting paid to do it! Sounds amazing! But what is the best mystery shopper company to work for? Who has the best jobs? Who pays the most?

I looked at dozens of mystery shopping companies and came up with a list of the top 5. Although there are many scams out there, there are also some legit mystery shopping companies. These companies can help you make a little extra income. But don't get too excited. You're not likely to make a full-time income by shopping. But if you want to give it a try, here's my top 5.

5 Best Mystery Shopping Companies

1. Market Force

Market Force shoppers complete over 100,000 shops per month in nearly every industry.  Restaurant, retail, banking, grocery, entertainment, or hospitality. This company gets good reviews and shoppers enjoy working with them.

Their pay varies for each shop and they pay shoppers on a monthly basis. You can choose to be paid by check or by direct deposit. The only thing to be careful of is ensuring that you follow directions thoroughly. Otherwise there is a chance you won't get paid for that shop.

Every shopper has to pass thorough process of qualification. This ranges from assessment of their attention to detail to verifying social security number and name with the IRS, as well as whether they are associated with other companies or industries. Applicants must be 18 or older and have graduated high school in order to be accepted as a shopper.

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2. Intelli-shop

Intelli-shop serves just about every industry you can think of. Attractions and theme parks, banking and financial, computers and electronics, home goods, home improvement, mobile and wireless communication, fast food, and a lot more.

Most of their shops pay around $5 to $10 and they will reimburse you for certain expenses during the shop. Shoppers are paid through PayPal on a monthly basis once the shop is completed.

You can find new shops available on their website when you log in and they also will send occasional emails with new shops in your preferred area.

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3. Second to None

Second to None was started in 1989. They have garnered a high reputation within the mystery shopping industry in the time since.

They recruit shoppers from Canada and the US. You are able to do shops with a smart phone, tablet, or a computer and will require one of these to do the job. There are mystery shops, customer surveys, and compliance audits available to earn money. As soon as you're signed up you will get immediate access to a job board with all of these.

There are various types of mystery shops available to work on. Once you log in you are able to claim any that you qualify for from the job board. As usual, they will reimburse you for whatever purchase is required and the pay on top of that will vary based on the job. Second to None also pays once a month through direct deposit or PayPal.

4. A Closer Look

A Closer Look became one of the most trusted companies after its founding in 1994. They have restaurant shops, motel shops, and of course retail shops. It's a great feeling to have a night out and a meal and be paid for it.

The shop description will tell you the amount you can spend and get reimbursed for as well as the instructions for completing the shop. When you are shopping be careful to follow all of the instructions and spend only what you will be paid back for.

This company pays via a check the third Friday each month.

If you want to work at A Closer Look, you'll have to be 18 or older. There's also a test to qualify to become a shopper. This test is checking your attention to detail and ability to follow directions carefully.

5. BestMark

BestMark is the biggest out of all the mystery shopping companies. Their reputation is good and most shoppers report good experiences with this company.

They've been in business for over 30 years and their goal is to assist companies in delivering the best experience possible for their customers.

Now they have several Fortune 500 clients that are among the more successful and innovative customer oriented businesses on the planet.

They claim that their approach to mystery shopping is the best way to find out the most important behaviors to please customers. Once found, their clients can teach these behaviors throughout the organization and garner the loyalty of their customers, leading to higher profits.

BestMark transforms average companies into amazing companies using their comprehensive tools of management systems, auditing, surveying. Their novel solutions result in the improvement of customer satisfaction as well as revenue for their clients.

BestMark Methods 

BestMark's own methods and ways of researching help them to find the very behaviors which help make customers happy. They also help them to quantify the characteristics of employees and behaviors that create loyal customers who want to spend with them. After finding them, they work with the company to put in the system and train the employees to use these exact behaviors.

This company is proud to claim to produce the best and most important data in their industry. And they don't just provide the data. They also have the best tools to measure this data, allowing it to be incorporated into the culture of the organization and improve the actions of their leaders.

You must be at least age 21 and have reliable transportation and be great at communication to be hired here. Payments are varied for each of the different shops they offer. Most of the time you'll get a fee for completing the shop and be reimbursed for the required purchases. Take careful notes when shopping so that you can accurately report the details to BestMark.

Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams

Before signing up to become a mystery shopper, you should be cautious though and ensure that the company is legit. There are several scam companies out there and the first red flag that you should be aware of is companies that require you to pay them before being able to shop.

A serious company is not going to make people pay in order to work for them. If you ever find yourself in one of these scams you should run. Find a better company such as the ones mentioned here or various others that have a better reputation.

There are several legit companies in the mystery shopping industry, so don't ever do anything weird like pay to be part of one. Whatever they promise you, just remember if it doesn't seem right, it's probably not and you shouldn't work for them.

Mystery shopping will not earn you a full-time income, but it could be a good source of extra spending money and some free stuff.

The most successful mystery shoppers are able to make a good amount of money by signing up for a lot of companies and always completing their shops and providing good information. As long as you do a good job you will be able to find more shops.

So What Is The Best Mystery Shopping Company?

Well as you can tell, I have MarketForce as my number one, but in reality all of these are good options. You'll find some people think BestMark or Second to None is the best, so it really depends on each person's experience. For me, I've had the best success finding shops with MarketForce and have found their support and methods best for me.

Overall though I would suggest signing up for all of these companies and more. You can do as many or as few shops as you want so you don't have to worry about losing access. You will have more options available for shops every day and will be able to make more money.

How I Make Money Online

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