Affiliate Marketing Success

What Makes Affiliate Marketing Successful? 5 Examples of Successful New Affiliate Marketers

To be successful at affiliate marketing you just have to learn the basic, simple process and follow through with consistent hard work.

Anyone at any level of expertise can succeed at making money online and the overall process is not complex.

In fact I’ll show you here examples of several people who went from nothing to making thousands of dollars a month with their own niche websites.

There are four core steps for affiliate marketing:Affiliate Marketing Steps

1. Choose An Interest

If you have an interest that you are passionate and knowledgeable about then you may want to build your business around that. Obviously it will be easier to create content because you already enjoy the topic and presumably know quite a bit about it.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure what your interest is or maybe you’re just not an expert in any certain area, you can find something that you’re interested in learning more about and start with that.

As long as you’re going to be able to research it and create lots of content for your site then you’ll be fine. And your interest, or niche, can be almost anything. There are tons of topics out there that you can create a resource for and earn money from.

Here’s some great training on how to find a niche.

2. Build A Website

Once you know what you’re going to be talking about then you create a website about it. If you’ve never done that and you think it’s going to be difficult, it’s not. A WordPress website can be created in a couple of minutes with a built-in theme and ready to start writing content.

In fact if you know your interest you can create a free website right here and get started on your way to learning affiliate marketing.

Try this training on building your niche website.

3. Attract Visitors

Now that your website is up you have to start getting people to visit and the way you do that is by writing informative and engaging articles about your niche topic.

Find out what people in your niche are interested in or what problems they are having and start writing articles to address these issues.

Google will find your articles and start sending people to your site for the answers.

I’ve found this Diamond Traffic Program to be an excellent way to get visitors to my websites.

4. Earn Revenue

As you build more and more content you will become more of an authority in your niche. You can start reviewing or suggesting products for people to buy.

If you become an affiliate of an online seller such as Amazon and you send people to their site to buy these products then you can earn a commission from that sale.

Here’s a good lesson on how to make money online.

Again, these are the basic steps but they are really the core of what you need to do to be successful online. Of course there is a lot more detail and if you want to read more about this you can check out our article on how to become an affiliate marketer.

But if you think that only a few people are really making money and that a regular person like yourself could never start a website and earn real money from it, here’s a list of people who had little to no experience with building websites and were able to train and learn how to build a website on a topic they were interested in, create great content, and get affiliate sales.

These are people that make anywhere from $1,000 a month to $20,000 or more and in some cases have sold websites for tens of thousands of dollars. And they all started with a free affiliate marketing training course that taught them everything they know.


Simon started affiliate marketing and was able to move from his mom’s house in England to his own place in Thailand. He left his boring job working in a call center and became financially independent due to his online income.

When he started out he wanted to make a full-time income online and he succeeded in doing that a year in. But he also set a crazy goal for himself to make $1,200 in one day. And believe it or not after 5 years of making money online he actually has now had 2 days of over $1,200.

Read about his first online sale here.


Josh from Australia was running his own house painting business and started learning affiliate marketing to try and make more money for himself and his wife and two kids.

He started an Amazon affiliate site and began writing posts 3 to 6 times a week. Week after week his site grew and he started to see more financial results from it. Finally in August of 2016 he was able to quit his job as a painter and devote more time to his family and his online business.

Check out the story of the day Josh quit his job to do affiliate marketing full-time.


Dylan started out learning affiliate marketing after quitting his job. He struggled to make money at first but kept training and kept working on his websites.

Eventually he began making sales on Amazon and was making a good income from his sites. He even had one site sell for $40,000!

Check out the story of that site here.


Eddy learned affiliate marketing in 2008 and left his job in the corporate world once he realized he was making more online. This gave him time to be a stay at home dad and have more time with his family every day.

He’s had several 5 figure months and made over $100K in 2018 working part-time on his blogs.

Check out how he did it here.


Andreas, from Norway, was completely new to affiliate marketing as well when he took his interests in photography, drones, 3d, animation, computer graphics, VR, SEO, affiliate marketing, gadgets, gaming, and more and started making Amazon affiliate websites to make a decent side income.

He made his first 6 sales in his first 50 days of learning about affiliate marketing. HIs sales gradually increased and a year in he was making a couple hundred sales on Amazon.

In April 2017 he made over $17,000 for the month and he continues to have success to this day.

Read the story here about his first $1,000 check from Amazon.

Anybody Can Learn Affiliate Marketing

All these people have one thing in common. They started out not knowing anything about website creation or marketing online. They just took things they were interested in and learned to put that information online to help others with the same interests.

And they all made a lot of money from it. If they can do it then anybody can do it.

Check out our training here to get started today.